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You’ve heard me say this before, social media is here to stay. I’ve found in my own business it is a powerful marketing tool if you use it consistently and correctly.

I came across some interesting social media statistics and information recently and thought I’d share them with you.

1. Rule of Thumb: When post on social media it’s best to stay as close to the ‘80/20’ rule as possible.
80 percent of what you share on social should be non-promotional content. The other 20 percent should directly lead followers back to your website or blog.

2. Are you on Twitter?
Research shows that your Twitter followers are a valuable and engaged audience.
70% of them amplify your content for free by Retweeting it, and 43% plan to make multiple purchases from the small and medium sized-businesses they follow.

3. Make your posts fun and informative. It’s not just about making sales, it’s about building relationships.

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4. Photo quotes are very popular among Facebook users. Share tips, messages or famous quotes, with a photo background to make your posts more attractive.

5. Build Your Community Rather than Just Your Audience

Communities are interactive and engaged. It’s two-way communication rather than just pushing out messages to people.

6. Show your friends and customers you’re a real person by posting updates about things you’re passionate about – motivational quotes, favorite products, tips and how-to’s, something you find funny, etc.

7. On social media, a company can publicly recognize employees for individual and/or team accomplishments.
Are you using social media to boost morale and foster healthy self-esteem among your team members?

8. The percentage of Fortune Global 100 companies with Twitter accounts has been reported to be higher than the number of companies with Facebook pages, YouTube channels, or corporate blogs.

9. According to recent research, the most used social media tools are:
Blogs – 79%
LinkedIn – 78%
Facebook – 77%
YouTube/Video Sites – 41%
Social bookmarking sites – 38%

10. The key to success on Twitter is to have a consistent stream of Tweets going out daily. I use Social Oomph to schedule and manage my Tweets – I find it is easy to use.

11. Mobile devices now make up more than half of all opened emails.

According to Constant Contact, almost 51 percent of all emails are now opened on either a smartphone or tablet, according to the study, with 38.8 percent being opened on a smartphone and 11.9 percent being opened on a tablet.

12. 75% of recipients will delete an email if it is unreadable on their mobile device.

What do you think – will these tips help you grow your social media marketing?
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I’m Sharon Michaels and I teach you how to do business successfully.
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Simple Solutions Saturday

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Quick Tips to Help Grow Your Business and Yourself!

Tips busy women in business can read in under a minute and use for years to come…
I asked a group of successful women entrepreneurs what was the greatest lesson they learned during the past year and here are some of their answers:

1. To let go (mentally) of ladies who are not entrepreneurs.

2. There will be ups and downs but I can stay focused and positive during difficult times. I don’t have to give up my dreams.

3. To commit to doing more follow up!

4. Change is the only sure thing in business. Don’t stress about it. Deal with it and move on. It often occurs for a reason and you end up better off than if it had not happened.

5. Last year taught me that having the right people around you is essential. This is the year of learning how to say no!

6. Consistency!

7. If something isn’t working, stop doing it. If it’s broken fix it or change it. Sometimes it is easier said than done BUT… If you keep doing the same things, you’ll keep getting the same results. If you’re not liking the results, change what you’re doing.

8. How badly do you want it and what are your day-to-day strategies for getting it!!

9. Stay focused on those things that will make money. Don’t become distracted by the “next shiny object.”

10. Don’t let life get in the way!

How many of these lessons can you relate to?
How would you have answered my question?
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I’m Sharon Michaels and I teach you how to do business successfully.
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