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I’ve lost count of how many times I refused to change even when I knew it was the best thing to do. Maybe it was my stubbornness saying, “I’ll make it happen. I’m not a quitter.” Or maybe, I believed I was just being hopeful and optimistic.

Over the years I’ve learned there is a fine line between optimism and stubbornness. I dislike admitting this, but at times I can be hard-headed. It’s taken me years of experience to figure out optimism can quickly become stubbornness.

opimism - stubbornness
Let me share two definitions:

Optimism: Hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.

Stubbornness: Unreasonably obstinate; obstinately unmoving.
There seems to be a fine line that is unconsciously crossed when optimism becomes stubbornness. Something shifts from a softness to a hardness in your thinking – you can feel it emotionally and physically. Personally and/or professionally we’ve all been there – that place where we are disappointed something isn’t happening the way we planned, and yet we won’t stop or give up.

Remaining optimistic that things will improve is one thing – not stopping when a situation becomes detrimental is stubbornness.

Here’s what I’ve learned personally and professionally over the years:
1. I cannot change another person.
2. Optimism is fine until it begins to chip away at my self-esteem and/or self-confidence.
3. If I keep doing the same thing and keep getting results I don’t like, I have to either stop doing it or change how I am doing it. I’m the one who has to decide to change.
4. I am in control of how I react to what is happening around me.
5. Stubbornness can be detrimental to my physical, emotional and financial health.

I’m thinking of examples from my life to share with you. I wish you could see me shaking my head as I remember all the times I was too stubborn to see what was right in front of me or too stubborn to want to change. Looking back, my “I’ll make it work” attitude has given me many sleepless nights. If only I would have stepped back and looked at the situation with objectivity and not emotion.

Instead of sharing an example, I’ll share what I ask myself when a situation isn’t moving me forward or I’m feeling stuck.

1. Do I have the power to change this situation?
2. Am I willing to make the time and effort to figure out what to do next?
3. Am I willing to take action even if it means coming out of my comfort zone?
4. Do I need support from others to make this change?
5. How do I see life being better/happier/more satisfying because I’ve made this change?
6. If I do not have the power to change the situation, am I willing to make the best of the situation and go positively forward?
7. Am I willing to “live” with results of my choices?

I am an optimistic person. I’ve learned that optimism can sometimes blind me to what is actually happening in my life or business. I never want you to lose your optimism.

My advice: There comes a time when you have to step back and be totally honest with yourself and ask: “If I keep doing what I am doing, will I benefit from and enjoy the results I am getting?”
Please, share your thoughts and comments with us. We’d love to hear from you.
Here’s to a life filled with hope and optimism,

Sharon Michaels
Author – Blogger – Coach to Women Entrepreneurs
Owner of WomenWhoWantToSuccessfullyWorkForThemselves.com
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I’m Sharon Michaels and I help you recognize the self-sabotaging things that may be keeping you from enjoying success. http://SharonMichaels.com
Sharon Michaels
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This is a guest post from reader and author Dawn Wooden.

woman shadow

I was asked, “What do you think empowering women means?”

After much thought here is what I think…

  • Women need to be smart.
  • Learn to say NO to things and people that make you feel uncomfortable. Don’t go along with the show just to be liked or wanted.
  • Be responsible.
  • Educate yourself in the field you want to be in.
  • Take on tasks that are within your realm or ability, not because you have a point to make.
  • Have self-respect and self-confidence. You are now and have always been in control of your body.
  • You and only you can decide which path you will take.
  • Don’t be a follower, be a leader.
  • A strong woman, but still gentle enough as to not intimidate.
  • March to your own drummer, not the one everyone else is following.
  • Be observant and make your own decisions and be responsible.
  • Don’t tie your dreams to someone else’s kite.

Let me ask you the same question:
What do you think empowering women means?

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I’m Sharon Michaels Women Who Want To Successfully Work For Themselves blog owner. I teach you how to enjoy business success. http://SharonMichaels.com
Sharon Michaels

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It’s Valentine’s Day! One of the best gifts to give yourself is spending the day being good to yourself.


Do you set aside a day or even an hour to take care of yourself? We all need some quiet time just to sit back and relax mind, body and spirit.

1. Read or listen to a good book. Sometimes just a few minutes of “escaping” into a good book can work wonders to rejuvenate a weary mind. Put your feet up and get into a good book – think of it as a mini-vacation.

2. Have lunch with friends. Enjoying a bite to eat, a little conversation and a lot of laughter make brighten even the darkest day.

3. Treat yourself with love and kindness.
Treating yourself with respect, love and kindness is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and great way to ensure healthy self-esteem. How you’re treating yourself, is how others will treat you.

4. Spend uninterrupted time listening to your favorite music. Put on headphones and enjoy a relaxing half hour with your favorite music. Music really does soothe the soul.

5. Make a list of all your talents and how you’re going to use them to live the life of your dreams. When you have a goal, you have a purpose for getting up in the morning.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sharon Michaels
Author, blogger and success teacher
Owner of WomenWhoWantToSuccessfullyWorkForThemselves.com

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I’m Sharon Michaels and I teach you how to do business successfully. http://SharonMichaels.com
Sharon Michaels
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Today we have a guest post from Judy Beckman, Independent Sales Representative Nussentials.

Stem cell health is currently a hot topic in the Medical as well as Health and Wellness Industries because of the role healthy stem cells play in living a healthier life.

Thanks to research conducted in this area, we are looking at a stem cell revolution providing healthier brain cells, heart cells, skin cells, (basically every cell in your body) as well as potential solutions for all kinds of chronic diseases.

health - judy beckman

So, how does this work? Stem cells are specialized cells, different from normal body cells because they can duplicate themselves; and, are able to become cells of any organ in the body. They are the body’s “raw material” cells. They are the cells from which all other cells that have a specialized function are made from.

The life of a stem cell is important to your overall health; and, their key to longevity is a small tail (composed of genetic material) attached to it, called a telomere. Think of telomere tails as very thin strands of DNA (genetic material). Imagine a piece of lead in a pencil. Just as a thin piece of lead is continually worn down with use, the telomere get smaller and smaller as it is worn down by normal aging, lack of good nutrition, poor lifestyle choices, environmental poisons such as smog, nitrites in food and pesticides, etc.

Stem cell health is dependent on telomere length which enables us to enjoy prolonged vitality and overall health; and, it starts with healthy stem cells. Personal lifestyle choices play a role as well, so be good to yourself and take care of your body.

The Science of Stem Cell Health is exploding. It is agreed, people can age more slowly, live longer, in good health with vitality. Indeed, it could be possible that seventy may become the new forty through stem cell health.
© Copyright 2017 Judy Beckman – All Rights Reserved
Guest blogger:

My name is Judy Beckman. After retirement from traditional business, I was introduced to Nussentials, a network marketing company providing quality, natural health products.

judyb_health&wellness-185x195Upon trying the products, seeing the financial opportunity while desiring the flexibility allowing us to spend time with our family, my husband and I became an Independent Sales Representative. I’ve been with the company 8 years and feel we are making a difference in our personal health as well as helping many others improve their health.

Ask me about our new product Prospere – a unique product formulated on break through science harnessing the revolutionary science of strengthening stem cells. Here’s a link to my Nussentials website:
Judy Beckman Independent Sales Rep Nussentials

The opinions expressed are those of the guest blogger.

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