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Guest blogger and Sponsor Spotlight – Charlene Franzen creative owner of The Canine Closet in Tucson.

The Canine Closet in Tucson creates unique apparel and accessories for those dogs whose owners can appreciate the quality and love that we sew into each of our hand-made products.

Charlene Franzen - the Canine Closet of Tucson We offer fashionable harness vests, coats and dresses suitable for every day use as well as special occasion attire. We even make wedding gowns and tuxedos for pampered pups

The Canine Closet is proud to be a licensed vendor with the University of Arizona, and dresses are always a big hit at events throughout Arizona.

The Canine Closet in Tucson grew out of my love for sewing, but it has evolved into something much more for me. It is about sharing joy with other dog lovers. I see the smiles and hear the gasps as people walk up to my booth and see the eclectic display of colorful outfits. I’m usually accompanied by my dog Maisy. I adopted her from a local shelter to be the small dog spokes model of The Canine Closet. She has become my heart and soul. When Maisy approaches to greet people they often respond with laughter. It’s okay to laugh at my dog. It’s unavoidable, actually, because she is so darn cute in her outfits.

zoe coat - the canine closet of tucson The Canine Closet is about developing rewarding relationships with dogs and their loving owners.

Like Zoe and her mom Linda. Zoe is a 3 to 4 pound rescued Chihuahua with “spindly little legs” as Linda calls them. Zoe has very little fur to keep her warm and she liked to wriggle out of every little jacket Linda had put on her. Linda would get up during the night to find Zoe half out of her jacket and cold. Linda asked if I could help and I had the honor of designing a coat for Zoe from which she can not wriggle out. She stays warm at night and Linda gets a more restful night sleep. The “The Zoe Coat” is available as a custom order from The Canine Closet.

If you have a special dog with a special wardrobe need, please contact charlene@thecaninecloset.com. I’d love to help. I will work with you one-on-one and ship anywhere in the United States.
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Charlene and Maisy Guest blogger Charlene Franzen, owner of the Canine Closet in Tucson.

Please visit her website at: http://www.thecaninecloset.com/

And, her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thecaninecloset/


In almost every country we set aside at least one day a year to give “thanks.” These national holidays are a time to celebrate all those things, people and opportunities in our lives for which we are grateful.

Thank you

I’m suggesting we not just set aside one day a year, but appreciate the blessings in our lives everyday.

Here are a few suggestions:
1. Begin and maintain a gratitude journal. Here’s a wonderful place to begin collecting the positive memories of those proud moments that occurred during your day.

2. Today, make a special effort to say “thank you” more often. Everyone loves to be appreciated.
3. Pick up the phone and call someone to let them know how much you appreciate them.

4. Make a list of at least 50 things/people/opportunities for which you are thankful. Feel the joy of having those things/people/opportunities in your life. You can add this list to your gratitude journal.

5. Expect to be grateful. A positive mental attitude expects to attract and enjoy the positives of life.

Research has shown that people who tend to experience gratitude frequently tend to be happier, more helpful and forgiving, and less depressed than those who are less grateful and thankful.

What do you think, are you ready to join me in living day-to-day expecting to be grateful and happy?

Please leave us your comments, we’d love to hear from you.

Sharon Michaels
Author – Blogger – Coach to Women Entrepreneurs
Owner of WomenWhoWantToSuccessfullyWorkForThemselves.com
P. S. If you’d like to coach one-on-one, join a MasterMind group or become a guest blogger on this blog, please email me at – coaching@sharonmichaels.com or use the Contact Sharon form on this site.
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Focusing on the Positive bookcover
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I’m Sharon Michaels and I teach you how to do business successfully. http://SharonMichaels.com

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Abundance in life begins by believing there are more than enough resources for everyone.

Let’s start with the mind-set of abundance. What does “abundance” mean to you? I’m talking about abundance in all aspects of your life – personal, professional, spiritual and financial. If you sat down with a piece of paper, what would you write about the abundance you’re experiencing today? In fact, why don’t you do that and then come back and finish reading this article.


Let’s explore how an abundant mind-set begins.

The human mind is composed of two levels: consciousness and unconsciousness. Both work together to create and mold our thoughts, actions and personality.

Understanding and appreciating the unique function and characteristic of each “part” of the mind is vital to understanding how and why you’re allowing (or not allowing) prosperity, abundance and wealth into your life.

Abundance is simply a concept. And, as a concept it begins in your mind and works its way out into your everyday life. You either believe you deserve to live in abundance, or you don’t.

Understanding the “workings” of your mind means understanding how you function on both an unconscious and conscious level. When you allow it to, your mind will be a tireless and powerful success and wealth-building ally.
Here’s the difference between the conscious and unconscious parts of your mind:

The conscious part of your mind is the awareness you have of the world and your personal role in it.

~ The function of the conscious mind is to analyze and rationally tie everything together.
~ It’s the tangible link between thought, reality and the action you decide to take.
~ Your opinions, likes and dislikes, judgments, prejudices and realities are filtered through the analytical conscious mind.

The unconscious part of your mind controls at least ninety percent of mental activity.

~ Your unconscious mind is a never-ending source for thoughts and memories.
~ Reality is stored and preserved in the “all-remembering” unconscious mind.
~ Your negative and positive thoughts, feelings, memories, emotions and reactions, bodily functions, stress, illness and health, rational and irrational thinking, decision-making and creativity are found in the powerful unconscious mind.

You’re reading this article with the conscious part of your mind; you’re absorbing it with the unconscious part. Choosing to believe, disbelieve, use or discard this article is based upon the beliefs you have stored in your unconscious mind. These day-to-day beliefs are based on your thoughts, memories and experiences from childhood through to this very moment.

Let me give you an example:
Are you afraid you’ll run out of money? If you are, then somewhere on the unconscious level your belief system is based on lack. This is called “poverty consciousness.”

Why is poverty consciousness so negative and financially limiting? Focusing on lack diverts your energy away from the positive aspects of prosperity. Focus on lack long enough and eventually your belief system about money, prosperity and abundance becomes filled negativity.

What can you do? Strive to focus your energy on the positives. Begin by analyzing your beliefs about the value you’re placing on your time, energy and money making abilities.

What one thing can you do today to increase your prosperity consciousness?

Please, share your thoughts and comments with us. We’d love to hear from you.

Sharon Michaels
Author – Blogger – Coach to Women Entrepreneurs
Owner of WomenWhoWantToSuccessfullyWorkForThemselves.com
P. S. If you’d like to coach one-on-one, join a MasterMind group or become a guest blogger on this blog, please email me at – coaching@sharonmichaels.com or use the Contact Sharon form on this site.
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Mindset of Prosperity book cover
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We have a guest blog post from Showcase Sponsor BJ Dudley, Independent Distributor JAQX Smart Home Security System.

JAQX has created a smart home automation and security system that has revolutionized the way people interact with their homes.

BJ Dudley JAQX
Are you familiar with the term Smart Home? Perhaps you either have one or know someone that does. If yes, that’s great!

If not – A JAQX Smart Home automation systems gives you the ability to control your entire home from anywhere in the world with a single app on your smart phone or tablet.

Thermostat – Adjust the thermostat to help save on utility bills or to have a comfortable environment when you get home or get up in the morning.

Appliances – Access appliances from anywhere, or set schedules to turn them on/off automatically.

Entertainment – Control your home entertainment system with the touch of a button.

Notifications – Security Alamrs – Get notifications 24/7 via email, text, phone or access real-time video clips when an alarm is triggered.

Camera – Remotely peek in on the kids, seniors, pets, or see who’s at the door via live streaming video on your smart phone, tablet or computer.

JAQX offers 3 different packages. They are wireless so no installation is required and you own them.

      Classic Package – has 7 smart devices.
      Advanced Package – has 10 smart devices.
      Complete Package – has 13 smart devices.
      When you refer fifteen people that also activate their systems your monitoring fee is waived.

As an Independent Distributor with JAQX Smart Home Systems I’ve learned peace of mind comes from making sure you and your loved ones are safe. Stay safe.

Please take the time to look at my JAQX website and contact me for more information.
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BJ Dudley
Guest Blogger:
BJ Dudley, Independent Distributor JAQX Smart Home Security System Plug into the Smart Home Revolution.

I invite you to visit and like my JAQX web page:
BJ Dudley Independent Distributor JAQX Smart Home Security System


Guest post from Tess Denton. Thank you Tess for taking up the writing challenge and sharing your favorite teacher.

“Pay Attention. I’m going to go fast” is the best way to describe the style of my first Spanish instructor.

While many people I know dreaded foreign language class in high school, I loved it from Day 1. Susan Asa taught me first year Spanish in high school. I have to say that in 1975, I’d never had a teacher who used the term “Ms.” In her title. Prior to that, my teachers had been Sister, Mrs. or Miss. She was modern and commanding.


I loved her rapid pace and her straightforward manner. Ms. Asa was sharp and witty and had high expectations. From her, I learned that the language was logical, not difficult. Interestingly, Ms. Asa also owned a dance studio. The fact that she had a dual career intrigued me. In fact, I learned the basics of tap dancing in one short week during a mini-course between terms that year. I’ve got to say that her manner in teaching dance was quite the same as it was in language class. Learn the basics, immediately build on what you’ve learned and practice!

To this day, I consider learning an adventure and a sport. I have applied Ms. Asa’s approach to countless skills and in many jobs in the forty-two years since I was introduced to the master and her method.

While Ms. Asa moved to another school after my freshman year, I consider one year of learning under her tutelage an outstanding experience.

Click here to read a memorial to Susan Asa: http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2014-02-07/news/ct-obit-asa-met-20140207_1_dance-studio-dance-lessons-suzanne-b
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Visit www.tessdenton.com for copies of my books, Building A Powerful Vision Board and Building A Powerful Vision Planner: A One Year Guide to Creating A Life You Love. A tool I use in working with individuals and teams is the vision board. If you are new to the topic, a vision board is an external and concrete expression of the picture you hold in your mind of what you want to attract and achieve in your life. The tool is simple, yet powerful!

tess denton

Tess Denton works with women who are in professional transition or interested in developing entrepreneurial clarity. She engages creativity to help individuals and teams manage change, set direction, and achieve their goals. As an author and facilitator, Tess draws on her work with leading non-profit and for-profit companies in a number of industries.

Her business focuses on improved business communication and team building. Tess is author of “Building A Powerful Vision Board: A Path To Achieving Your Goals And What You Want In Life” and “Building A Powerful Vision Planner: A One-Year Guide to Creating A Life You Love”. Tess holds degrees in Communications and Training & Development.