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10 Daily Habits of Successful Business Women – Day 8

I have been coaching and mentoring women in business for over twenty-five years and I’ve noticed certain patterns of success emerging. Successful women in business have well-defined emotional and physical daily success habits. I’ve noticed that these habits have unconsciously become part of their daily routine and seem to be a major factor in business success.

Successful women in business take themselves and their moneymaking abilities very seriously. Successful women in business have a successful mindset. They treat their business like a moneymaking business and not a hobby. There, I believe, lies the key to 10 daily habits of successful women in business.


Day #8 – The Habit of Gratitude.

Do you wake up thankful?

Do you make time to actually list the positive reasons in your life for which you are grateful and appreciative?

Gratitude is a powerful emotion – an emotion that can positively affect how you live life and how you achieve your successes.
Here’s what I believe:
Gratitude is a calming emotion. Imagine living in a constant state of gratitude and the positive affect it will have on your health, happiness and wealth.

Research as shown that gratitude can produce positive feelings of overall well-being, hope and contentment.

Let me ask you this: Can you list 100 reasons for which you are grateful?
I mean right now, within the next fifteen or twenty minutes. The reason I’m asking is because those reasons should be in the forefront of your mind at all times. Keeping a gratitude journal is a positive way to reinforce the thankfulness you’ve experienced during your day. Your journal can, and often will, come in handy on those days when you are feeling not so grateful.

How often do you show gratitude?
When you’re in a constant state of gratitude, sharing it comes easily and naturally. For example: sending thank you cards, saying “thank you” easily and naturally, expressing gratitude with a smile, an unexpected gift of appreciation or a special personalized hand written note.

Food for thought: Your day-to-day attitude of gratitude sets into motion the Law of Attraction. The more grateful you are, the more reasons you will have to be grateful. The more gratitude you show, express and share, the more success you’ll experience in your life and your business.

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