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10 Quick Tips for Writing Blog Posts That Get Read

I’m often asked if there is a template for writing blog posts. I wouldn’t say there is a template. There are though certain steps you can take to make sure your post is skillfully written. A well written post gets noticed, read and shared.

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1. Know your topic well.
Write about something you know first-hand. Research is fine, but winging it on a topic you know nothing about will lead readers to distrust what you are sharing.

2. Be clear about what you want your readers to learn.
What is the goal of your post? When your readers finish reading, what do you want them to know, feel or do?
3. Write as if you are speaking one-on-one.
Pretend you are sitting across from your ideal reader. What would you say to them during a regular conversation? Write the way you’d talk.

4. Have an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph.
It’s important to let your reader know what to expect before they begin reading the post. It is just as important to have a wrap-up, summary or call to action at the end of the blog post.

5. Make the post easy and fun to read.
Have fun with your post. Use bullet points, lists, tips, how-to’s, short paragraphs, etc. Today’s readers want to absorb the information quickly and easily.

6. Spell and grammar check before posting.
Nothing will have you losing credibility with readers faster than misspelled words and poor grammar.

7. Don’t make your post too long.
I mentioned it earlier – today’s readers want to learn quickly. You have about eight seconds to capture and keep a reader’s attention.

8. Use your own words – your post must be original.
Understand plagiarism and copyright infringement. You’ll never have to worry about either when you write in your own words. Be original!!!

9. Write with your blog audience in mind.
Know your reader. What do they want to know or learn from you? Write to entertain, educate and inform your ideal audience.

10. Make sure your post is educational and informational NOT a commercial for your product or service.
A post shouldn’t be about selling and pushing your product. You will lose readers.

What do you think? I’d call this more of a checklist than a template. Writing for your blog or as a guest blogger is a great way for your ideal market to know, like and trust you as an empowered business women.

Rule of Thumb: Write a post you’d want to read. If you like reading the post you’ve written, so will your readers.

Sharon Michaels
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