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10 Success Truths About Leadership Video Post

Women in Business – Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next success level? Join author, blogger and coach Sharon Michaels in this full length webinar as she shares 10 Success Truths About Leadership. Leadership is a mixture of learned skills and personality traits that when combined, effectively create an environment in which others want to follow you, learn from you and buy from you.
You’re going to want to watch and listen with pen and paper in hand – this is a full length information packed 18 minute webinar. Be sure you turn up the volume on your computer, you won’t want to miss a word.

Sharon shares information about her newest four week MasterMind Fearless Leadership – Learning to Lead From Your Strengths beginning February 29, 2016.

Let me ask you this…
Is it time to:
**Increase your leadership self-confidence?
**Increase your belief in yourself both personally and professionally?
**Increase your ability to build and lead a strong team of potential leaders?

***Please share this video post webinar and Fearless Leadership MasterMind information with your friends and team members – it’s all about women supporting women in business!
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