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10 Ways To Market Your Business on Facebook

I’m learning just how valuable Facebook can be as a business-building tool. Facebook seems to be the perfect marketing tool if you are looking to build win-win relationships with your customers and target market.

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Well thought out and consistent relationship building on Facebook can help others get to know, like and trust you as a top leader in your field. Here are my favorite 10 ways to market your business on Facebook:

1. You can place links to your latest blog posts and articles.
I see this as a win-win marketing situation. You’re letting your Facebook friends know what’s happening on your blog/website and you’re driving more targeted traffic to your blog posts. The key is to provide value for your readers so they will return often and recommend your blog to their friends.

2. Start a Facebook Group.
Groups on Facebook can be open to everyone or secret by invitation only. You can choose one particular aspect of your business and then begin a group to interact about that topic. For example: If you start a 30 day weight loss challenge, you can begin a Group for everyone participating in the challenge. It would become the place to share tips and success stories. A Group is a more targeted way to interact with your customers.

3. Host a monthly Book Club Group.
Speaking of Groups, have you thought about starting and hosting a Facebook Book Club Group. If you’re an author, it could be the place to discuss your books. Or, you could choose a different book of interest each month. Invite your Facebook friends to join in the discussion.

4. Hold a Virtual Launch Party.
I held a Virtual Launch Party on Facebook Sunday April 21, 2013 for my Kindle ebook From So-So To So Successful and it was both successful and fun. I spent quality time interacting with my Facebook friends in “real time.” I believe you can use this concept to launch any product or service, not just books.

Here’s a direct link to a step-by-step Special Report I wrote so you can hold your own Launch Party:How To Host and Plan a Virtual Launch Party on Facebook
5. Share how-tos and tips your target market will look forward to reading.
Who doesn’t enjoy reading a quick tip or how-to? Tips and how-tos provide an excellent reason for your market to keep coming back to your Facebook page.

6. Facebook paid ads and post boosts.
You can pay to advertise on Facebook. The newest paid offering is aimed at promoting specific posts. A paid “post boost” will be seen by those who have “liked” your page as well as their friends. As the program is set now, you can “boost” readership and get more likes for as little as $4.99. There is a button looking like a megaphone that will give you the information you need.

7. Have an activity a day to help your customers achieve a goal.
Conduct a month long or 30 day activity where each day you post an activity that will help readers achieve a goal. Invite them to leave comments, share their results or add additional suggestions and activities.

8. Host a Facebook challenge.
Challenge your friends and fan page readers to accomplish something specific within a certain period of time. Write a challenge and have your page or Group page become the go-to place for the challenge’s accountability, encouragement and community.

9. Add video to your pages.
It is easy to record a short video from your phone or a video camera and then upload it on Facebook. Your friends will enjoy seeing you share a quick tip or update. You can also place your video on YouTube to reach an even broader audience. Think of 5-10 things you could share with your target market and customers and then begin creating videos.

10. What would you include in this list?
Use your marketing imagination and add another way to market your business on Facebook.

Facebook has become a valuable and creative marketing tool – I believe you are only limited by your marketing imagination and Facebook’s policies and procedures.

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