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30 Day Business Building Challenge – Day 27

Let’s liven up and speed up our business-building activities and focus on success for the next 30 days. Are you ready to take the challenge with me?

Each day for the next 30 days you’ll find a new moneymaking, business-building or personal development activity that will support your goals and lead you forward. Each challenge should take you about 15 minutes.

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Leave us a comment and let us know how each day went. Please share any “aha’s” you’re discovering along this business-building journey.
Invite your friends and team members to join you…

Day 27 – Connect on Social Media
Here’s what I believe: It’s better to master one or two social media platforms than to spread yourself too thin.

Use your Social Media time to connect personally and interact professionally with your friends and followers. Doing social media correctly takes time and effort.

Be sociable on social media. Post pictures, comment on posts, invite your friends to an event, etc. Start a conversation and be part of conversations. The key to effectively building a strong social media presence is to communicate in your own voice and as a “genuine” person, not just a business.

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