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5 Five Minute Moneymaking Activities

Focusing time and effort on activities that will make you money, can often make the difference between succeeding in business and abandoning your dreams. Quite honestly, if a business is not making money, it cannot sustain itself as an ongoing business. If after a number of months, or years, your business is not profitable, then it is probably more of a hobby than a business.

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With all that said, focusing on moneymaking activities is a combination of knowing the activities that will make you money and consistently working those activities until they are producing profitable results. Here’s some good news – your moneymaking activities should be motivating and FUN. Yes, fun.

For me, every time I begin working on one of my moneymaking activities I picture myself walking into the bank with my arms filled with money. I smile at my mental picture and begin focusing my undivided attention on my work. Making money is FUN!

Here are 5 five minute moneymaking activities that when done consistently, can have you smiling all the way to the bank:

1. Sending timely follow-up emails. I am a believer that follow up is golden. Follow up can be as simple as emailing a short thank you or asking for a referral. The key to a timely follow-up is that it is sent before your customer or prospect forgets about you and the reason you’re following up.

2. Calling a prospect or networking buddy to schedule a one-on-one or to give a presentation. Computers, Facebook and Twitter are great but, impersonal – nothing beats the ability to meet face-to-face to get to know, like and trust someone.

3. Sending out a quick email tip to clients and customers with a link to a special offer or an event you’ll be hosting. I know personally, I enjoy receiving a short sweet and to-the-point success tip in my email inbox and I’ll generally check out the special offer if I enjoyed the tip.

4. Sending a quick recommendation or review of an Amazon product. Did you know, you can become an affiliate of Amazon.com and send an affiliate link to the products you are reviewing? If readers purchase through your affiliate link, you’ll receive a commission.

5. On your Facebook fan page recommend a product of the week with a hyperlink to an article about this product or, you can send them directly to your sales page. Word of caution: Don’t over do the selling on Facebook. Your “friends” won’t appreciate it and Facebook won’t like it. I believe in the 90-10 rule. 90% of what you share on Facebook should be fun and helpful and only 10% should actually promote something for sale.

There you have my 5 five minute moneymaking activities suggestions. Now let me ask you this, what are your FUN moneymaking goals for the week?

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  • Meli September 24, 2012, 4:52 pm

    These are all great tips Sharon and I would like to add that sending a follow up note or card by snail mail, which can take less than 5 minutes, is also a great idea. The person you are following up with, or thanking for their time or their referral, now has something tangible from you. They can refer to it in the future because it wasn’t “deleted”.

  • Sharon Michaels January 16, 2013, 5:31 pm

    Great suggestion – follow up is so important!

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