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5 Fun Ways To Promote Your Business

Your business can’t be successful if no one knows you have a business. It is important to find creative ways to promote your business and to become visible to your target market. What is promotion? Here’s the definition of promotion from FreeDictionary.com: Advertising; publicity. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

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I’m often asked the difference between “promoting” a business and “marketing” a business. Here’s how I see it: Marketing means developing a broad plan or strategy so your target market will get to know, like and trust your business and the product or service you are selling. Promotion involves creating visibility for your business and is one aspect of the overall marketing plan.

For the solopreneur or the home-based business owner, your promotion budget can be limited or even non-existent. That’s where creativity comes in handy. Here’s the $1,000,000 question: How many creative and fun ways can you find to promote your business so it becomes instantly recognizable to your target market?

Here are five fun ways to promote your business:

1. Throw a party or create an event.
It can be a theme party like a hayride, a fashion show, a spa day, a children’s musical at a retirement center, a book signing, a seminar or picking a little known holiday and having a celebration – the possibilities are endless.

You can also joint venture with a complimentary business. For example, if you own a dog grooming shop you can partner with a local animal shelter to sponsor monthly pet adoptions at your location.

2. Make an amusing video.
Video promotion is here to stay. Showcase your business with a short 2-3 minute video filled with fun tips or how-to’s about you and your business. Have fun pictures with clever captions – use your imagination. You can place the video on YouTube and Facebook, which can help increase Google rankings and promote visibility.

3. Create a contest.
I’m not talking about anything monumental, just something fun and fresh. Word of caution: If you plan to do it on Facebook or other social media outlets be sure to check their rules and regulations. If you plan to hold a contest in your store make sure to check the city and state regulations regarding contests. Your contest can be as simple as placing a picture on your blog and having readers come up with catchy captions. You can award the contest winner a gift certificate, a product or invite to be a guest blogger.

4. Host your own Blog Talk Radio show.
The basic version of Blog Talk Radio is free. There is a time commitment to setting up your station and creating radio broadcasts. I like BTR because my Women Enjoying Success radio show gets me a higher ranking in the Google ratings and it also showcases exactly what my business is all about. Yes, it does take time to build an audience and create the shows but, the recognition I’ve received is well worth the effort. As with any of your promotional efforts, it takes a well thought out and consistent plan of action.

5. Volunteer.
Volunteering is a great way to promote your business and do something good for your community. Tutor students, go to animal shelters, work with shut-ins, get on the board of local civic organizations, etc. You will be a positive and caring representative for your business.

Promoting your business is about creating visibility – projecting a positive and professional image of goodwill for your company. In time and with consistency, your promotional efforts can lead to more business and many loyal customers. How are you currently promoting your business? Can you think of some fun and creative ways to promote your business during the next few months?

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