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5 Key Things Successful Women In Business Do

Successful women in business not only have a powerful success mind-set, but also cultivate powerful success habits. We’ve heard it said before, and it’s true: Success leaves clues. Here are five key “things” successful women do.

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1. Successful women understand and value their time.
Believe it or not, there are only twenty-four hours in a day. Successful women have learned how to prioritize and keep the main thing the main thing.

When prioritizing, do you know the difference between a “must do” and “to do” list? The “to do” list are those things that should be done – for example, buy a new pair of shoes. The “must do” list are those things that must be done in order to go forward in positive, happy and healthy ways. Buying a new pair of shoes becomes a “must do” when you’re going on a hike and your walking shoes no longer give you proper arch support.

Rule of thumb: If it’s vital to health, wealth, happiness and peace of mind – then it is a “must-do” on your priority list.

2. Successful women understand their finances.
Successful women know their account numbers, bank balances and understand how to wisely make and spend money. They also believe they are capable of taking care of themselves financially. Successful women ask questions, seek advice and make educated and well thought out financial decisions.

3. Successful women understand when it’s time to ask for help and support.
Successful women are wise and resourceful and yet, they know when and how to ask for help. They know and understand they can’t possibly become an expert on everything and that’s why they surround themselves with true experts.

Successful women appreciate their strengths. They also appreciate those things that are best left to the expertise of others. The successful woman’s philosophy: Learn as much as you can on your own but realize when it’s time to seek advice and help.

4. Successful women understand what makes them happy, healthy and content.
Successful women have made peace with their inner and outer selves. They have a positive and powerful focused vision for the future. Successful women have a purpose, a mission and a calling and, they’re enjoying all of them. They dream BIG and work wisely to make their dreams come true. Successful women are their own knights in shinning armor.

5. Successful women understand how important it is to learn from mistakes.
Successful women know, understand and embrace that the past is past. Living in the past blocks a person from enjoying the present and planning for the future. The lessons learned from the past are the stepping-stones to a more empowered future.

Rule of thumb: Learn from the past and head positively toward the future. Successful women know how to use the past as a learning tool so they can better focus time, energy and optimism on the future.

Successful women use these five powerful and empowering characteristics everyday. How many of these success keys are you using in your day-to-day life? Is it time to fine tune the positives and use your inner wisdom to live a life of personal success and contentment?
Please, share your thoughts and comments with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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