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5 Life Lessons that Made Me Me – Lesson Five

If you had to choose five life lessons that influenced or molded you into the adult you are today, what would you write about? Over the past five days I’ve been sharing some of my personal life lessons. Links to the past four lessons are at the bottom of this post.

Life lessons can be those painful or happy things that alter our life’s direction or change the way we view the world.

Life Lesson #5. Empowered women empower other women.

I learned early in life that it is easier to succeed when you have a role model, mentor or coach to guide you along the often bumpy road to success.

I’ve always gravitated toward women who were supportive of other women. Women who believed there is strength in numbers. Women who believed in cooperation instead of competition. Strong women who wanted to share their wisdom with others through books, posts, networking, volunteer work, coaching, etc.

empowered womenWe can learn so much from one another because when one of us succeeds, we all succeed. I’m not sure who the author is of this quotation, but it is a favorite of mine: “When women support each other incredible things happen.”

I believe the delicious pie of success gets bigger when we support one another. There is more than enough success to go around. Your success doesn’t limit or take away from my ability to succeed. I don’t envy your successes, I applaud them.

With all that said, let me ask you this: Is there a girl/woman you know who can benefit from your life lessons? Is there something you can do today to support the successes of other women?

I’ve seen firsthand how something as simple as “you can do this” can have the power to change the course of someone’s life for the positive.
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