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5 Life Lessons that Made Me Me – Lesson Two

If you had to choose five life lessons that influenced or molded you into the adult you are today, what would you write about? Over the next days I’ll be sharing some of my personal life lessons.

Life lessons can be those painful or happy things that alter our life’s direction or change the way we view the world.

Life Lesson #2. Life is going to throw you curve balls.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been going in one direction and had to abruptly change my course. Life’s curve balls and detours usually happen without warning and often at the most unexpected or inopportune times.

hand holding clear ballOne thing I’ve learned is not to allow the curve balls, detours, disappointments and distractions stop me dead in my tracks. Sure, it’s easy to allow yourself to get down and even begin wallowing in a good pity party. Feeling the emotions is one thing, staying down too long is feeding into negativity.
I’ve come to realize that when life throws me an unexpected curve ball, it usually means it is time to come out of my comfort zone.

When I was young and idealistic, I thought I’d retire as a principal of an elementary school or maybe become a headmistress of a private girl’s school somewhere in New England. Well, that didn’t happen. I became a teacher, but when a few curve balls and detours came my way I had to change direction. I am thrilled and love what I’m doing with my life. Forty years ago I would never have guessed that speaking, writing and empowering women was to become my life’s mission. In reality I am still teaching only in a different way.

Trust me, I am not one who likes change. Sometimes you have to take me down that different path kicking and screaming. No, I haven’t liked every change I’ve had to make. Nine times out of ten though, I’m glad I stretched and changed directions. I’ve come to realize that change isn’t a bad thing. I also realize that right now in my life I am exactly where I should be. It may not be where I thought I’d be, but it is right where I should be.

When the curve balls of life come your way, make some quiet time to step back and ask yourself, “What is the life lesson I will learn by embracing change and stretching my comfort zone?”

Let me share my personal affirmation: “I embrace change with an open mind and willing heart.” Repeating this affirmation helps me stay focused on the positives of the lessons I am about to learn.

Please share this post with a friend or team member who may be at career or personal cross road. The curve balls in life are not always as bad and frightening as they seem. Sometimes the Universe has to give us a nudge in the right direction.
Here is a link to Life Lesson #1: Life Lesson #1 – There is a price to pay for success.

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