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5 Positive Reasons to Start Your Day An Hour Earlier

Did you know that getting up just an hour earlier each morning could set the tone for a healthier and more productive day? I understand that for the night owls reading this post, waking up earlier and starting your day with some positive, and even physical activities, may be a difficult pill to swallow, but hear me out.

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These five positive, productive and healthy reasons should be motivation enough to start your day at least an hour earlier:

1. If you want to tap into your creativity, first thing in the morning could be the best time of day.
The optimal time to complete creative tasks is when you are feeling a little sleepy. Why? According to research, the brain process that filters out distraction usually occurs during our mentally off-peak times and generally, that is first thing in the morning. We can be more creative when we find ourselves less distracted by our own self-talk and the world around us. If you’re looking to write that book, focus on your studies or come up with new ways to market your business maybe getting up an hour earlier will help.

2. You can meditate and affirm in peace and quiet.
Waking up earlier to spend quiet time visualizing and affirming your positive and productive day could quite possibly make an emotional difference between expecting to succeed and anticipating failure. What do you currently affirm and visualize first thing in the morning – the positives or negatives?

3. You can write in your gratitude journal.
Let me ask you, do you begin your day with feelings of gratitude? It is easy to get caught up focusing on the things that are wrong with life that we can loose sight of the many things for which we should be grateful. Taking 5 –10 minutes to write about the positive things for which we are thankful, can help us gain perspective and shift our focus toward the positives.

4. You can exercise without distraction.
Cedric X. Bryant, PhD, chief exercise physiologist of the American Council on Exercise, believes that by starting your morning with physical activity, you set the the pace for the day and, you can exercise with less distractions. Research has found two other interesting things: (1) Morning exercisers tend to stick with their exercise habit and (2) Morning exercise can improve sleep.

5. You can make the time eat a good breakfast.
According to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, breakfast is your most important meal of the day. I have to confess that I am not a breakfast person but, I can definitely relate to what they are saying. Here are some reasons for eating a healthy breakfast:

  • Breakfast provides the energy and nutrients that help to increase concentration throughout the morning and can help prevent a mid-morning energy slump.
  • Studies show that eating breakfast can be important in maintaining healthy body weight.
  • I know from personal experience that if I haven’t eaten breakfast I’ll snack on foods that are quick and easy and are generally high in fat and sugar.

What do you think; does getting up just an hour or so earlier make good sense? Are you willing to give it a try for a month or so? Please, leave us a comment and tell us what you think and what positive reasons you would add to this list.

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  • Meli January 10, 2013, 11:23 am

    I know for a fact that my creativity is not activated until the evening. The thought of getting up an hour earlier in the morning is almost painful. Not all people are created equal. I think there are people for whom waking up an hour earlier would help immensely, others wouldn’t fare quite so well. I consider myself in the latter group and as much as I like to try new things, I believe I’ll pass… for the time being.

    • Bobbie Bushey January 10, 2013, 6:42 pm

      I have to say I agree with Meli : it wouldn’t work the same for everyone. Since I retired from my outside “regular job”, I now stay up later at night and do most of my best business work in the very late hours (after 10pm) and I sleep in later in the morning. I have lost 5 pounds because I start working when I awake and do not feel the need to stuff my face with food till about 11am, when I eat a light lunch or breakfast. Then I have a full meal around 3-4pm. I may have a light snack late at night (orange, few crackers, or 1-2 pieces dark chocolate) But then I ‘ve always been a little different than most and never fit into the mold of the average/usual lifestyle. LOL

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