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5 Tips For Making More Sales

The idea of having to “sell” a product or service to a potential customer or client can strike fear in the heart of even the strongest businesswoman. To lessen that fear, here are five helpful tips for taking the fear out of “selling”:

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1. Sell to your target market. Your target market wants to purchase what you are offering. Let me ask you this, have you clearly defined your target market? Basically, your target market is comprised of those people who are looking to purchase what you are selling.

Here are some ways you can determine your target market:
· Geographic location
· Age or income, gender, occupation, education, household size, etc.
· Similar attitudes, values, and lifestyle
· Need or desire for the product you are offering.

Resist trying to sell to a market that is too broad – focus on fine-tuning your marketing efforts to a well-defined target market.

2. Build relationships.
Your target market wants to buy from someone they know, like and trust. They get to know, like and trust you by building a win-win relationship with you. This win-win relationship can be built with social media, through regular email communication, watching the videos you have uploaded to YouTube or by talking with you one-on-one.

The keys to building trustworthy relationships are:
· Be yourself,
· Build rapport
· Be truthful
· Provide value

“Selling” isn’t just about making a sale – it is also about building a long-lasting win-win relationship with your customer.

3. Ask for the sale.
Many sales are lost because we simply don’t ask for the sale.

4. Provide exceptional customer service.
Good customer service isn’t good enough. Today’s savvy consumer expects and deserves exceptional customer service. Exceptional customer service includes:
· A timely “thank you” follow up after the sale
· Promptly returned phone calls or emails
· Questions or concerns answered quickly and effectively

How well you treat your customers will determine how well they speak about you and your products. Positive word of mouth is your best advertisement.

5. Reward referrals.
Speaking of positive word of mouth, do you ask for referrals from past customers?
Do you have a referral program in place?

Consider this: If every customer told five of their friends about your products and three of those friends purchased from you, would your sales increase? Of course sales would increase! Do you ask for referrals? Do you encourage past customers to recommend your products to their friends?

I urge you to develop a reward program for referrals – some type of a “thank you” for customers who refer future customers to you. Showing appreciation for referrals is not only exceptional customer service but it is also a powerful way to build long-term win-win relationships.

Well, what do you think? If you worked these 5 tips consistently, could you make more sales? What one thing could you start doing today to increase sales?
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