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5 Ways To Stop Procrastinating And Start Doing More

Here’s my definition of procrastination: Doing nothing or avoiding what you should or could be doing and instead, doing things that are less productive or time wasting. Freedictionary.com defines procrastination as: To postpone or delay needlessly.

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You get the picture. We’ve all been there, putting those things off that we know we should be doing but for some reason, it feels uncomfortable to do them. For example: The follow up calls you said you’d make, the report that is due this week and you haven’t even started, the blog posts that are unwritten or the networking group you’ve been meaning to attend.

The question becomes, why are you stopping yourself from going forward – why are you procrastinating? With pen and paper in hand, chunk out a block of quiet time to answer these three questions:

1. When I think about the activity I’ve been putting off starting or completing, what fears or negative emotions come to mind?

2. Why are these fears or negative emotions so unpleasant or frightening to me personally and/or professionally?

3. Am I willing to allow these fears or negative emotions to control the success or failure of my business?

After answering these three questions, what “aha” or insight did you uncover about why you’re procrastinating?

Now that you have more insight into why you may be putting off starting or completing certain activities, the question becomes what are you willing to do about ending procrastination? Here are 5 suggestions I have for you:

1. Write out a step-by-step plan for ending procrastination. Are you willing to commit to taking action so you can move yourself and your business forward? If you are, then it is time to write a plan and begin overcoming procrastination. Lasting change begins with the first step!

2. Seek out a mentor or coach to show you how to overcome procrastination. A mentor or coach can advise and support you in making wise habit changing decisions. Sometimes, you need a fresh set of eyes to see what you may be overlooking when it comes to changing old habits and behaviors into new more empowering ones.

3. Get an accountability buddy. An accountability buddy is someone with whom you share your goals and plans for success. Accountability means meeting with your buddy regularly to report your progress. An accountability buddy should be nonjudgmental and supportive and yet, hold you accountable for your actions.

4. Surround yourself with empowered people. Eliminate the procrastinators in your life. Eliminate or reduce the amount of time you spend with the negative people. Find new and empowered friends and business associates. Make a conscious decision to spend quality time with empowered and successful people.

5. Write your business-building goals for the week and then break them into daily bite-sized pieces. Pick one goal per week you are willing to commit to finishing before the end of each workweek. You may even want to take it a step further and choose one goal achieving activity you’ll finish before leaving the office each day. Each commitment you make and every activity you complete is taking you one step closer to reaching your goal.

If after you’ve tried these five suggestions and you find yourself still procrastinating, then it could be time to do some serious soul-searching about whether or not you are in the right business and doing the right activities. If you are reluctant to do the activities that will take you forward, then maybe somewhere in your unconscious mind you don’t want to go forward.
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  • Meli September 9, 2013, 9:02 am

    Thanks for the reminders, I need them every now and then.

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