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5 Websites I Use Regularly

Blogging is both an art and a science. To consistently provide value and benefit to your readers it takes a workable combination of imagination, conscious thought and trusted resources. I use my “trusted resources” almost daily to stimulate my imagination and turn my conscious thoughts into well-written blog posts.

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Let me share five websites I’ve come to value as trusted resources and use regularly:

1. Freedigitalphotos.net – I like to include an illustration or photo within my blog posts. Since I have two blogs and post frequently, if I had to buy each photo I used I’d need an extensive “illustration” budget. Freedigitalphotos.net provides great looking backgrounds, photos and illustrations covering all types of subjects. These royalty free photos are free to use as long as you give credit to “freedigitalphotos.net” in your post or on the photo. You can also purchase these photos it you don’t want to place a credit in the post.

2. Mindomo.com – To get my creative juices flowing, I like to brainstorm new ideas. There is a free brainstorming and mind mapping tool you can use on your computer to chart out ideas or thoughts from one logical progression to the next. Here’s the definition of mind mapping right from the Mindomo.com website:

“Mind mapping is a simple technique for drawing information in diagrams, instead of writing it in sentences. The diagrams always take the same basic format of a tree, with a single starting point in the middle that branches out, and divides again and again.”

I find mind mapping very helpful when I have a new idea and want to see how far I can take that idea to create a post, product or project.

3. Dictionary.com – I can’t tell you the last time I used a “physical” dictionary. I can easily go to Dictionary.com and type out my word and within seconds I have all the information I need for correct spelling, definition and so much more. Of course, my software’s spell checker is my first “go-to” resource for spelling corrections. I have learned to never post an article without using the spell checker and doing a thorough editing.

4. Wikipedia.com – I use Wikipedia.com mostly to read biographies of famous people, find photos that are in the public domain and to research ideas for articles and books. I realized early on that Wikipedia.com is not a definitive source for fact checking but, it is a great source for ideas and tid-bits of interesting information. Personally, I use this site for ideas more than anything else.

5. ThinkExist.com – I love using quotations! I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t share a quotation either in a blog post, on Social Media or as part of my newsletter. I find quotations from many different sources but one of my go-to sites is ThinkExist.com. They have an extensive collection of quotations on many different subjects. You can look up quotations by authors, keywords or topics and find great choices to add to your posts and other projects.

Those are five of my favorite websites and Internet resources I use regularly to help make my writing easier and more fun. Do you have resources to share with us? Please leave us a comment and share some of your favorite writing resources.
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