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7 Reasons Women Excel at Selling

As a woman in business, are you reluctant to “sell” your products even though you know it will provide benefit to your potential customers? What if I told you that you are a natural at selling and you don’t have to “do” anything but be yourself, would you believe me?

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Here are seven reasons you should believe without a doubt that you can excel at promoting, sharing and selling your products:

1. Women are naturally savvy networkers. Spending time networking means more than just meeting people; savvy networkers know it is about meeting the right people. Women read people well. At networking events and with almost laser-beam focus, women can choose those people who are sincerely interested in knowing more about what they are offering.

2. Women at natural problem solvers. Women look for workable solutions and won’t give up until they find them.

3. Women know how to naturally provide great customer care. Many women consider themselves people pleasers. In sales, that’s not a bad thing. Customers and clients want good care and to feel appreciated and special. Women excel at taking excellent care of others.

4. Women are natural communicators. A vital key to success in sales is the ability to listen carefully to what the customer wants and, why they want it. Women know how to ask the right questions, listen carefully, observe body language and communicate effectively and appropriately.

5. Women naturally know how to empathize and relate. Women know how to build trustworthy relationships. Trusting relationships are vital to the selling experience. Because women are good listeners, women relate and understand what the other person is saying and feeling. Women aren’t afraid to listen to and understand the other person’s, wants, needs and point of view.

6. Women naturally speak about the benefits of a product. Have you ever listened carefully to women talking about why they use a product and the results they’ve experienced? Women naturally talk about how a product enhanced or changed their lives for the better. They are also honest in their assessments – they speak about both the positives and the negatives. Successful women in sales tell it like it is – they don’t exaggerate or use hype to sell someone on their product or service. Women speak from the heart.

7. Women naturally know how to build solid relationships. Listening, empathizing, coming from a place of honesty and showing a genuine interest in others are hallmarks of building a solid and long-lasting relationship – women know how to naturally build solid relationships. Women almost instinctively gravitate to forming “communities.” In sales, your community becomes your ongoing base for current and future sales. Current relationships can also become referrals which in turn builds even more relationships.

Women, you are a natural at sales. Don’t be afraid of selling – be yourself and have fun sharing the benefits of what you are offering. You have the ability to change and enhance lives one product and one customer/client at a time.
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