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7 Ways You Could Be Stealing Your Own Dreams

Believe it or not, you could be a dream stealer.

Do you believe, without a doubt, in yourself and your dream of living out your goals?

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Believing that you are worthy and deserving of achieving and living your dreams is vital to making your ideal future a reality. Your belief must unshakeable and unstoppable. When your belief is strong and unwavering, you are emotionally protected from the dream stealers and naysayers.

Here are 7 ways I see coaching clients steal their own dreams:

1. Start out with a negative attitude and plan to fail.

2. Let the negative opinions of other’s become your opinions.

3. Get discouraged if you don’t get results immediately.

4. Give up easily.

5. Allow the fears of others to become your fears.

6. Criticize yourself often, especially if things aren’t working as perfectly as you imagined.

7. Don’t write out your goals or develop a plan of success.

Let me ask you: Is your belief so strong and unwavering, that you are emotionally protected from the external dream stealers and naysayers and more importantly, the ever powerful internal dream stealer and naysayer?
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