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A Post Card? What’s a Post Card?

Today’s post is by guest blogger Meli Horowitz, Independent Distributor Send Out Cards.

I recently heard a commercial on the radio about people being so inundated with e-mail that they no longer read them, especially ones that seem to be mass generated. The solution the company found was to send a colorful postcard to market their business instead.

colorful thank you postcard

When was the last time you sent a post card, other than from when you were on vacation, or even received one?

When you receive a letter in the mail, in order for it to be read, it has to be opened. The benefit of mailing a postcard is that the message actually gets read by the recipient even if they end up throwing the postcard away.

Consider all the ways you can take advantage of using a postcard in your business.

  • Announcements: Do you have a new product or service?
  • Grand openings or open house: you can drive traffic to a local business
  • Mini-newsletters: when designed correctly a postcard can fit as much information as a 2-page newsletter. In addition, you don’t have to fold it and insert it in an envelope.
  • Bring a friend: a great promotion tool that generates a lot of interest and customer referral.
  • Survey: Your customers like to know that their opinion matters. When you mail a postcard to get feedback, it shows you want are interested in their needs. You can indicate a website or phone number the person can go to in order complete the survey.
  • Thank you: Most people prefer to do business with a company that shows appreciation for their customers. Remember “ a little thank you can go a long way”. Sending a postcard can be a great way to show appreciation for your customer.
  • Coupons: What better way to send a discount coupon to a customer than with a postcard?
  • Birthday: Some businesses, find that sending a postcard for someone’s birthday, including a discount to be used on the recipient’s birthday, brings a lot of business. Most people don’t shop alone and will bring a friend along.
  • Anniversary: Sending a customer a postcard to celebrate the anniversary of their first contact with your business shows the customer you care about them. If they haven’t been to your business in a while, you can include a discount or some feature that encourages them to return. If they’ve been to your business in the past, there is a great chance they will return.

Don’t underestimate a post card. They cost less to mail than first class, 13¢ to be exact. Yes, the postage for a postcard is 32¢. The “thank you” postcard in this post is from the Send Out Cards collection.

Can you think of a creative way to use a postcard in your business?

I’m Meli Horowitz, Senior Manager- Independent Distributor and a Senior Certified Trainer with SendOutCards. I can help you create the life you want. I love cards because they make a difference in people’s lives, whether they are clients/customers, friends or family.

I invite you to check out my web site: MeliLovesCards.net and join me to build your own SendOutCards business.

© Copyright 2012 Meli Horowitz- All Rights Reserved


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  • Sharon Michaels September 3, 2012, 12:52 pm

    Great way to use postcards to market my business – Thanks for the suggestions!

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