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Abundance and the Universal Law of Circulation

Abundance is both a mind-set and an economic truth. The mind-set of abundance believes that the pie of prosperity has the ability to enlarge, not shrink. The economic truth of abundance is that there are more than enough resources for everyone. As soon as we master the concept of “abundance,” we’ve mastered the concept of “wealth.”

The question becomes – do you truly believe in abundance?

money circulation

A. Your internal mind-set of abundance:
The human mind is extremely powerful. With all its power, the mind can still only hold one conscious thought at a time. What ever your most dominate thought, that’s where your mind focuses. The more you focus and concentrate on one specific thing, the more rapidly it becomes reality in your life.

The mind isn’t able to process dueling thoughts. It can’t hold thoughts of abundance and lack at the same time. Let me ask you this, what were your childhood memories of money? Did your family and other significant role models focus on “lack” or on abundance?

Somewhere locked deep in your unconscious memories are your beliefs about money and abundance. Ask yourself this – Generally do I find myself focusing on “more than enough” thinking or “someday the supply will end” thinking? When your internal mind-set is abundant, you’ll consistently focus your energy on seeing “more than enough” opportunities.

B. Your external signs of abundance:
Have you ever heard of the Universal Law of Circulation? It’s based on the concept that the more of something you circulate, the more it will come back to you.

The Universal Law of Circulation states, all things in the universe are constantly flowing and expanding. When you give positively of your time, energy, wisdom and/or money they will come positively back to you in one form or another.

What does all this mean and how does the mind-set of abundance and the Universal Law of Circulation work together?

Let’s look at our current economy as an example. We’re bombarded daily with news of lack of jobs, lack of spending, lack of home sales, lack of … All this “lack of” focuses our conscious thoughts, attention and energy on which; the pie enlarging or the pie shrinking? With all this talk about “lack of,” it doesn’t sound as if our country as a whole has grasped the concept of abundance, does it?

So how do you, one person, help the economy as well as yourself? By focusing on the Universal Law of Circulation and the economic truth of abundance. When you focus energy on the pie expanding and enlarging (abundance), you’re truly helping the economy and you’re certainly helping your own financial future.

Here’s an example: Say you decide to get your home painted. Let’s track how the Law of Circulation and the mind-set of abundance work together.

You hire a painter. The painter goes to the paint store to buy supplies. His money is now circulating back into the economy. The painter is employed painting your home and he may even hire an assistant. As soon as you pay the painter for his work, he and his family can use that money to go to the grocery store or the hair stylist or the bowling alley or the gas station or department store. The money again is circulating back into the economy, people are employed and the pie of prosperity is expanding.

As you personally focus your positive energy on earning the money to pay the painter, as opposed to the mind-set of “spending money” and the money is gone, you’re opening your life to the Universal Law of Circulation and abundance.

~ A person who does not understand abundance will say, “I’ve spent all my money.”

~ A person who does understand abundance will say, “Most days, more money flows into my life than out.”

Abundance equals wealth in both mind-set and daily actions. When you truly believe in the economic concept of abundance and use it as a wealth-building tool, you’ll be wealthy in mind, body, spirit and bank account.
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  • Janet September 22, 2017, 7:20 am

    Thanks for a great article, Sharon. I love your clarity and examples. Holding these principles in our consciousness is so vital to growing our businesses!

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