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Affirming Abundance and Wealth

Here is a prosperity fact: What you’re saying to yourself day-to-day about having and enjoying money is either programming your mind toward or away from abundance and wealth.

In other words, you can’t afford to say you can’t afford it.

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* By saying something as simple as “I can’t afford it,” you’re literally programming yourself to be broke. Why? Because you mind believes as fact whatever you repeat to yourself.

* How could something as simple as “I can’t afford it” make me broke? By saying and believing negative things about your finances, you’re programming yourself to live in and accept “lack.”
Here’s how it works:

Your mind is a fabulous machine that remembers absolutely everything you say, see, experience and feel emotionally. Everything is stored deep in your mind/memory just waiting for a time to be retrieved and used. And, your mind does not know the difference between fact and fiction. Whatever you tell yourself goes into memory as truth, with no questions asked.

Are you making money a struggle? Take a few minutes and list all the things you believe about money and your ability to enjoy abundance and wealth. Ask yourself, “When I think about money this is how I see myself living my life…”

What came to mind about money, abundance and wealth? Are the words written down mostly positive or negative? Are you optimistic about your financial future?

You can begin changing some of the negatives programmed into your mind with sentences called affirmations. Affirmations are short, present tense positive statements. Affirmations can be used to help change negative beliefs into more positive ones.

To be most effective your affirmations should be positive, personalized, easy to understand and remember, and form vivid pictures of prosperity in your mind.

Here are a few examples:
1. Money is constantly flowing into my life.
2. I use my money for my own good and for the good of others.
3. My mind is filled with many creative and prosperous ideas.
4. My financial worth increases daily!
5. I hold the keys to my abundance and wealth.

I’ve said it before; abundance and wealth are as much a state of mind as a dollar amount. Affirmations help prepare your mind and belief system for prosperity.

It’s important to say your affirmations seven to ten times each day for at least twenty-one to thirty days. Changing old habits and thought patterns can take that long or even longer. It’s important not to give up and to be patient with yourself.

How about writing some of your own prosperity affirmations:

The future is limitless, no matter the economy, when you believe in your ability and right to be abundant and wealthy.

Please, share your thoughts and comments with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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