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Age and Relevance and Purpose and Hope

We have a guest blog post from Tess Denton Blog Sponsor, Author and Future Facilitator.

A few weeks ago, an issue of the AARP Bulletin arrived in the mail. Clearly, it was addressed to my husband. I like to tell myself that it’s for him.

Truth be told, while I will be working for more than a decade yet, I’ve reached the age where I can qualify for AARP and the organization is targeted to me, too. The front cover of the issue to which I refer reads: “GOOD NEWS: You CAN Find Success, Security and Happiness after 50 with a New Job”. Surrounding the article title are photos of smiling, happy people aged 58-70. The article from the front cover assures readers that new careers can take off at any age. Some people start a new career to fulfill a dream, and others start a new career in order to keep afloat, financially.

women laughingFinding relevance and purpose requires effort and energy.

I have been talking to many women in over past year who are finding that the discovery and successful transition to a new career is not as easy as 1,2,3.  They have discovered that a first stop to committing to a new career involves sorting out the emotions and details of starting over. For some, the joy and satisfaction they are finding in their current work has waned, and they are eager to launch a new endeavor. For others, their career is lucrative, but they’re no longer feeling relevant in their workplace. And others are just tired of their current work and they need another income stream until retirement. Regardless of the individual, all are swimming in a soup of emotions and the uncertainty of change.

For years, I’ve been writing and talking about the Clarity, Hope, Confidence, Momentum and Happiness that result from creating a Powerful Vision. For those considering a new career after years of dedication to building success in a job or industry, getting Clarity is critical. When considering the opportunity for a career change it is important to gather the facts related to the advantages and risks of striking out with a new career, and the risk and payoff related to daring to live a dream or start anew.

Here are 10 clarifying questions for you to answer alone and with someone close to you:

1. Is this career move a long time dream for you? Describe the dream.

2. Will making a career change make you feel more relevant?

3. What are the short and long term benefits of starting a new career as opposed to continuing with the work you are currently doing?

4. Are most of the individuals in this endeavor younger, older or the same age as you? How does this impact your likelihood of success and satisfaction?

5. What skills from other jobs that will contribute and transfer to the new career you’re considering? Can you name them?

6. Do the most important people in your life support your pursuit of this new career (time wise and financially)?

7. What is your timeline for proficiency and financial success if you pursue a new career?

8. Are you forfeiting retirement security to pursue this career? Are you comfortable with this? Is your spouse/significant other?

9. Will this career change or help you fulfill your Purpose in life?

10. Would there be any benefit to staying in your current job while shifting to this new career part-time?

The answers to these questions will strengthen your resolve and result in you feeling Hopeful about the endeavor you’re considering, or they’ll surface the need for further exploration before committing to a change. It’s important to move confidently and knowingly in the direction of your dreams. You deserve to lead a Hopeful, Happy, Purposeful life.

If you’d like to learn more about Building A Powerful Vision for your Life and Career, I invite you visit tessdenton.com to explore tools that can help you Create A Life You Love at any age.
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tess denton Tess Denton is a Future Facilitator. She helps people and companies create a powerful vision for success.

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Enjoy your journey!

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