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An Editorial Rant from Sharon Michaels

I’ve heard, read and experienced first-hand how women often resent other women “making money off them.” Some women don’t expect women in business to sell them their products or services – they expect them to give them away free or at the very least give it to them at a deep discount.

Being paid what you are worth means believing that you’re worth being paid.

Let me ask you this:
What’s wrong with making money?
Why shouldn’t we sell you our products or services like any other businesses would?

Two more questions:
Why should we discount our products or services?
Why should we, as women, be ashamed to charge what we are worth?

Here’s my philosophy: Being paid what you are worth means believing that you’re worth being paid.

If you want to be successful in business you have to believe it is alright to make money – it is alright to charge what you are worth.

Why are women paid less than men doing the same job?
Because we are allowing it to happen – we are putting ourselves on the sales rack.

Isn’t about time women stop expecting other women to give them a discount or worse yet, resent being asked to pay for a product or service?

Isn’t it about time we women take ourselves seriously as money making women in business?

Isn’t it about time we value our worth in the marketplace?

Women supporting women in business means not expecting your friend, independent consultant, author, network marketer or any woman in business to discount or give away her products/services. This thinking is undermining and disrespecting a woman’s ability to grow a profitable business.

So, let me sell you one of my books and I make no apologies.
Mindset of Prosperity book coverHow To Create The Mindset of Prosperity and Wealth: Woman’s guide to a money making attitude
The empowered woman’s guide to developing and enjoying an unstoppable moneymaking attitude.

Women who enjoy prosperity and wealth have learned to nurture the mindset of abundance. A prosperous mindset encourages day-to-day thoughts and actions that foster the attitude of financial success. Prosperity is not only a state of financial well-being, it is also a state of mind.

Here’s the link to purchase your copy:
How To Create The Mindset of Prosperity and Wealth
Thank you for reading my “editorial rant.”

Sharon Michaels
Author – Blogger – Coach to Women Entrepreneurs, Women Writers and Women Authors
Owner of WomenWhoWantToSuccessfullyWorkForThemselves.com
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