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An “Extreme” Antidote: Effortlessness. Ease. Enjoyment.

Extremes are exhausting, and we are living in extreme times. Social, environmental and political extremes have drained me of what I once thought to be an endless reserve of creative energy and optimism.

Recently, my Hope and Inspiration have vanished, and I’ve needed to do something to get them back.

tess denton

I do not mean to sound dramatic. Mine is a blessed and advantaged life. I have a deep sense of satisfaction in my relationships and work. I live in appreciation of this every day. Here’s the thing: As I reached my mid-50’s I moved into “Extreme” mode, attending to my aging parents and their affairs, and being at the ready for whatever comes next on their journey.

Needing to make room for this adjustment, I have pushed creativity, fitness and entrepreneurship out of the picture. And this is all happening with the backdrop of a world spinning out of control. It has taken a toll on mind, body and spirit. I have never before felt depleted, and I will not stand for it!

I know still have stamina, and I can get my life back in balance. Optimistic by nature, I am ready to re-energize my vision and zest for life. Perhaps I’ve been overthinking the solution. I can do that, from time to time. Thankfully, last weekend offered a surprise – a deliciously simple recipe for a gentle re-boot and a reminder of the importance of self-care.

Here’s how it unfolded:
• I was up before dawn on this autumn day. The stillness of the house before the sun and anyone rises is cozy and it grounds me for the day.
• I checked the weather, and noticed a gentle rain falling. Rain is soothing and makes me glad to be indoors.
• My neighbors’ dogs stayed overnight, so I enjoyed a quiet morning surrounded by sleeping dogs. This offered a feeling of simple love and pure energy.
• I poured a delicious mug of coffee. This offered a perfect way to just “be” in the moment, with warmth in my hands.
• I found a video on YouTube of music for anti-stress and anxiety. I didn’t watch the video. That’s too much stimulation for early morning. I just let the music float over me.
• I invested in a tube of Pillsbury crescent rolls, and it was waiting for me in the refrigerator. This is a wonderful and soothing indulgence, reminiscent of childhood and winter mornings.
• I picked up a novel that I’ve been trying to “get-into”, and I magically stopped thinking about the news and social media and schedules and work.
• In the course of one hour, I felt nourished and balanced. I felt refreshed. I was so pleased that I gave myself the gift of time, and I emerged tuned-in to the day without a news hangover.

I am now making an effort to re-boot each day. No one wants to bother my schedule before dawn, and I am quickly discovering that I am re-awakening my creative giant. I think I’m getting my groove back, and it’s happening just in time – You and I and the World need Hope and Inspiration.

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  • Marilyn Sarno October 19, 2018, 4:25 pm

    Tess thanks for your post. I felt rebooted reading it. I’m in mid-sixties and feeling the same.

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