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Apriori Beauty – Making Your Life Beautiful – Marilyn Sarno

Guest blogger and Sponsor Spotlight – Marilyn Sarno Independent Consultant Apriori Beauty.

I am proud to announce that I have been an Apriori Beauty Senior Consultant for almost four years now. Prior to becoming a beauty consultant I worked as a licensed nutritionist and diabetes educator for 27 years.

Marilyn Apriori Beauty

Although my education is science-based, I knew little about which skin care product would be best for my skin and even less about ingredients. My reasons for becoming a beauty consultant were for personal and business reasons. I wanted to prevent and correct wrinkles, dryness and age spots while at the same time educating mature women about their skin care so that they could capture that ‘Apriori Glow’.

I figured that if I was confused about skin care products most Women are too. Knowledge is power and empowering women about their skin care and beauty is important.

So, here is my story.
Once I hit my forties I started experimenting with both drug store and expensive department store brands. My beauty bag was a mish-mash of products.

Expensive or cheap I still had issues with skin reaction, lack of results and concern about toxic ingredients.

I was introduced to Apriori Beauty anti-aging skin care products through consultants participating on a Mastermind by Sharon Michaels. I started with samples of enzyme activated Micro-scrub which has a unique and proprietary blend that acts as a gentle exfoliant. The next samples I tried were the Celloxylin 5-Step, 6 product system for the face. I slowly added Apriori Beauty’s treatment products to my beauty routine such as Detox Clay Masque and MD 20EX Acid peel.

My results were so fantastic that I decided to become a consultant and teach other women the basics using Apriori Beauty products while earning residual income. What I discovered was that being your own boss, working from home and building relationships was fun!

Apriori Beauty’s mission is: “ Beauty through pure product innovation, building relationships and achieving personal success. I realized that all three of these mission statements are part of self-care.
• Good skin care to slow aging (self-esteem)
• Keeping socially engaged with friends/family (mental health)
• Personal success (self-confidence)

So let’s talk about the products more in depth. Apriori products have zero SLS, parabens, or animal testing. There are no synthetic fragrances or dyes and no harsh or toxic chemicals in any of their products. I have never had any negative skin reactions with any of their products.

I cordially invite you to experience our products by becoming a new client. Apriori Beauty offers many ways to save with monthly sales, flash sales, and buy 3 and get-one-free. You can enjoy savings by selecting different sets and specials including autoship savings.

Beauty at any age is achievable with Apriori Beauty Products. I love making your life beautiful!
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Guest Blogger:
Marilyn Sarno Independent Consultant for Apriori Beauty anti-aging skin care products. I became an Independent Consultant after using our 5-step six product system and loved the results in my skin.

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Here’s my Apriori Beauty Website: https://www.aprioribeauty.com/ic/marilynsarno/

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