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Are You Unconsciously Limiting Your Success

Have you ever noticed how we can sometimes be our own worst enemy? I had a great conversation last night with two successful and empowered women from my latest MasterMind Group. We discussed how we, as women in business, often unconsciously limit our successes.

Let me share what we discovered:

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1. We can often become discouraged and disempowered when we compare ourselves to others.

2. We sometimes talk so negatively about ourselves that we can talk ourselves out of going forward.

3. We can often set unreal expectations on our time.

4. We often don’t ask for help because we either don’t want to bother someone or we feel we have to shoulder all the responsibility ourselves.

5. We often settle for less and allow ourselves to give up going for our goals.

6. We often take what others say or believe about us as truth and that becomes what we believe about ourselves.

7. We’ll often choose not to stand up for ourselves if we think we’ll hurt someone’s feelings.

We then discussed why we thought it was important to become more aware of these self-limiting habits and beliefs. We agreed that with self-awareness comes the ability to change what isn’t working into something more positive and empowering.

Here’s what becoming more self-aware of self-limiting habits and beliefs can do for our self-esteem and desire to succeed:
1. We can be more personally and professionally productive.
2. We can have greater self-confidence in our abilities.
3. We can feel more self-satisfaction about ourselves and our accomplishments.
4. We can feel happier and more content within ourselves.
5. We can attract more people with healthy self-esteem into our lives.

Bottom line: We are responsible for ourselves. We are responsible for our thoughts, actions and outcomes. We are responsible for our happiness and successes. It is up to us to give ourselves the POWER to succeed.

Wouldn’t you agree we had a great discussion? This is why I believe in the power of accountability and master minding with other like-minded success-oriented women.

Please, leave us your comments – we’d love to hear your opinion and thoughts.
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