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Are You Using Your Natural Leadership Talents?

Leadership is more than being a manager or a boss. An effective leader knows how to draw on her natural strengths and talents to encourage others to be and do their best. Are you using your “natural” leadership talents to be the leader others will choose to follow?

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Have you taken a good look at your natural leadership talents? Do you know how to use these talents to grow your business or a team? Would you like to become a more effective leader?

Take a few minutes to answer these questions with your first yes or no “gut” reaction. The answers could help fine-tune your natural leadership talents.

1. Do you have a vision and purpose for your personal and professional future?
2. Do you inspire others to create an empowering vision and purpose for their future?

3. Do you take ownership for your actions?

4. Are you supportive and understanding?

5. Do you set goals? Are you flexible enough to modify the goals when necessary?

6. Are you self-motivated?

7. Are you self-confident?

8. Are you consistent in your actions?

9. Are you willing to learn, grow and come out of your comfort zone?

10. Do you walk your talk?

Did you answer each question with a resounding “yes”? Each question contains an important leadership trait.

Let’s go through each question and discuss the natural leadership qualities:

1. If as a leader you do not have a sense of purpose and direction, it is difficult to get others to trust your leadership abilities and want to follow your lead.

2. To bring out the best in others, you must be able to see the best in others. Do you know how to ask the empowering and insightful questions that will have others defining their vision and purpose?

3. A leader takes responsibility.

4. Empathy is not sympathy. An empathetic leader understands and relates yet, can show others how to keep going forward in positive and productive ways.

5. Having a vision is necessary, but it is also necessary to be realistic about what can and cannot be accomplished.

6. – 7. Ongoing and consistent personal development is vital to being the effective leader others will choose to follow.

8. Consistency is a powerful personal and professional success trait. A good leader is consistent in word and action.

9. Ongoing personal and professional improvement is vital to leadership.

10. Leadership isn’t about sitting back and watching others take action. As the leader, you must be willing to show by example what you are asking others to do and accomplish.

After taking this “unscientific” quiz, what would you like to fine-tune or improve when it comes to becoming a more effective leader? How can you consistently strengthen the natural gifts and talents you already possess?

Here’s the bottom line: Learning to lead is an ongoing process. It is up to you to consistently fine-tune your natural leadership talents and skills and become the effective leader others will choose to follow.
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