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Belief System of Network Marketing Success

During my years in network marketing, I observed that the true financial leaders in my company seem to possess an unstoppable success belief system. This belief system was not only in themselves as successful women leaders but also in the potential of network marketing as an effective business model.

31 Days to Growing Your Network Marketing Business

I found a winning network marketing belief system encompasses four areas: (1) self, (2) products, (3) company and (4) potential. Here is a summary of the four-prong success belief system I believe all top network marketing leaders possess.

1. Belief in yourself personally and professionally.
First and foremost, you must believe in your ability to succeed and thrive in your network marketing business. Belief in yourself as a successful entrepreneur and team leader is vital to building a sustainable moneymaking business.

Belief in your own ability to succeed seems to be the glue that holds your network marketing belief system together. You will only allow yourself to succeed to the level you believe yourself a worthy, deserving and capable person.

2. Belief in the products you are offering.
You must be a product of the product! If you are not using your company’s products with complete confidence, you won’t be building a business based on integrity and credibility. Being a product of the product means that you use what you are offering. You can talk to potential customers from a place of familiarity – you understand the “in’s and out’s” of your product from personal experience.

In my opinion, without total belief and confidence in what you are offering, you are deceiving not only customers but yourself as well. Success is not just about money, recognition and awards; it is also about your reputation as a truthful and honest woman in business.

3. Belief in the company you are representing.
I remember motivational speaker and author Mark Victor Hanson saying, “An ounce of doubt and you’re out.” Those words hold especially true when you talk about the network marketing company you’re representing. To your potential customers and business-builders you are initially the only link they have to the company you represent. They must trust that you are telling them the truth about the company and products you’re sharing with them.

Here’s something to remember:
Belief comes across as enthusiasm and passion.
Disbelief comes across as doubt and hesitation.

The more enthusiasm and passion you can genuinely relate to others, the stronger your network marketing business will grow, expand and thrive.

4. Belief in the business potential offered by your company.
In the years I’ve worked with women in network marketing, one of the biggest stumbling blocks for many has been the ability to explain with clarity and conviction the business opportunity. Belief in the power of the opportunity is essential to attracting the right business-building distributors/representatives/consultants.

If you believe, without an ounce of doubt, that your company offers:

• An opportunity to better someone’s life personally and professionally,
• The ability to support a person’s long-term professional goals,
• A duplicatable system to support the potential of residual income…

Then, you truly believe in the potential of the business. With that belief, you will be able to present the business opportunity to others with integrity and credibility. Belief in the power of the business potential is essential to attracting business-building leaders.

What do you think of this belief system of network marketing? Now, it is up to you to convey your belief in such a way that others will see and capture your vision for success.
Please, share your thoughts and comments with us. We’d love to hear from you.

Sharon Michaels
Author – Blogger – Coach to Women Entrepreneurs
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31 Days to Growing Your Network Marketing Business
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