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Books To Support Financial Success

You have to be willing to take control of yourself first, before you can control your finances. Each of these five books deals with the inner and outer habits of financial success. As with all success, your mind-set toward achieving wealth and prosperity is key to long-lasting success.

you're broke because you want to be  book1. You’re Broke Because You Want To Be – Larry Winget
Larry Winget pulls no punches. This isn’t your average personal finance book – it’s a mix of tough love, personal development and financial self-help. If you’re serious, really serious about getting your financial house in order, this book is for you.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:
Part One: Why You’re Broke
Part Two: How To Start Getting Ahead
Part Three: Proof That It Can Be Done!

I’ll say it again, this book doesn’t mince words and carries a powerful message.

2. 5 Lessons About Life and Wealth for Women – Richard Paul Evans
The 5 Lessons A Millionaire Taught Me for Women About Life and Wealth by Richard Paul Evans is short, sweet and filled with financial pearls of wisdom. Commonsense advice, valuable resources and motivational quotations make this little book a must read for any women ready for financial success.

This book is a quick read – 118 pages of how-tos and about 60 pages of resources. Just because it is small doesn’t mean it isn’t filled with valuable and useful information. Each page contains at least one nugget of wisdom to help get our financial house in order and steer us on the path of greater financial self-sufficiency.

prince charming isn't coming book3. Prince Charming Isn’t Coming – Barbara Stanny
The Seattle Times reviewed Barbara Stanny’s book Prince Charming Isn’t Coming and said, “A heart-to-heart talk about the psychological and financial tools women need to take control of their economic destiny.”

Barbara Stanny writes Prince Charming Isn’t Coming from her personal been there, done that, learned a lot and never want to do that again point of view. The subtitle, How Women Get Smart About Money is truly the essence of this book.

4. Secrets of Six Figure Women – Barbara Stanny
Why are women still underpaid? Does self-esteem and earning six-figures go hand-in-hand? Do women place financial limits on themselves? With insight and practical real-world guidance Barbara Stanny helps us discover our inner six-figure woman. Are you ready to find the answers?

In her book Barbara Stanny provides us with these facts:
1. It’s estimated that one out of every three workers is an underearner, most of them women.
2. Hefty incomes don’t guarantee a happy life, or even peace of mind.
3. No matter how difficult your circumstances or how discouraged you feel, climbing the salary scale is entirely within your grasp.
4. Underearning is not to be confused with voluntary simplicity, a conscious choice to live with less.

not about the money book5. It’s Not About The Money – Brent Kessel
Are you ready to discover your money personality? You know, the one that acts like a four year old one day and a mature adult the next. Brent Kessel in his book, It’s Not About The Money: Unlock Your Money Type to Achieve Spiritual and Financial Abundance explores the emotional and intellectual aspects of how we deal (or don’t deal) with our finances.

Brent Kessel did a great job of marrying the emotional, spiritual and practical aspects of money, financial planning and wealth management. It’s Not About The Money is the type of book you’ll want to make time to read, study, work the activities and absorb the material on both an emotional and intellectual level.

All these book are available on Amazon.com and probably also at your local library and bookstore.
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