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Bossypants – Tina Fey – A Review

This isn’t a new book – I read it several years ago and decided to read it again. Here’s my review.

Here are three words to describe Bossypants by writer and comedian Tina Fey: Funny, insightful and empowering. Tina has written a best-selling memoir about how a determined woman can succeed and thrive in the male-dominated business of entertainment, comedy and television. This is a good read!

bossy pants

Yes, a determined woman can succeed in a male dominated field! And the key word is determined. American comedian Tina Fey has written a down-to-earth book about how to take your personality strengths, natural gifts and talents and then, use them to create a successful career. What are the author’s strengths? They are: Quick thinking, her sense of humor, a keen wit and the willingness to come out of her comfort zone.

Tina’s autobiography takes the reader from her formative growing up years through to her current successful New York show business years. Her journey is a testament to her focus, persistence and sense of humor. Tina Fey’s journey is basically the same as every woman looking to discover herself – Bossypants is about the life lessons that help us develop unstoppable self-confidence and self-determination.

I read this book from a “Business Coach” prospective, knowing that I wanted to write a review for women in business. Here are some of the business-building tools I learned from reading Tina Fey’s Bossypants:

1. We often find our “calling” by accident – it comes as a summer job or, finding a group of like-minded people with whom we can relate or, by taking chances and going with our heart instead of following the crowd.

2. Often times, it is better to collaborate than to compete.

3. In the world of comedy, women have to often overcome the perception and stereotype that “women aren’t funny.”

4. In order to succeed, be yourself and be willing to learn, grow and come out of your comfort zone.

5. Rarely, if ever, is someone an overnight success.

6. Working mothers, no matter the occupation, have to find a work and home life balance that suits their lifestyle.

7. A sense humor can keep you going, especially when the going gets tough.

I recommend this book to all women who are thinking of starting a career, are currently in a career and wanting to move forward and women who have succeeded in their own careers and want to read the success story of someone else who went for their goals. You’ll laugh out loud in several spots, I promise you. I love a good autobiography especially when it is a story of a woman who has overcome personal and professional obstacles and had the determination and inner strength to make her own successes.

I’ll say this again, Bossypants is funny, insightful and personally and professionally empowering.
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