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Bringing Friends and Family into Network Marketing

Network marketing can be a wonderful opportunity to begin your own business. I’ve learned over the years for many women, bringing family and friends into your business can often test the boundaries of loyalty and friendship. My advice is to think carefully before signing on friends and family.

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I’ll never forget the first time I heard a potential network marketer say to her friend, “I’m not going to sign up with you because I don’t want you to make money off me.” Anyone who has been in direct sales or network marketing for awhile and has built a team, understands the sponsoring process. The concept of being “an upline” can get tricky when you are recruiting friends and family.
1. If family and friends do not understand the concept of network marketing and creating passive income, then network marketing may be a difficult concept to get a across.

2. If family and friends do not understand the concept of team building and working toward a common goal, then explaining how you earn a percentage of their production and sales because you brought them into the business, may be a difficult concept to get across.

3. If family and friends do not understand the concept of being an independent entrepreneur and that you are not their employer and they are not your employee, then network marketing may be a difficult concept to get across.

I’ve seen friendships end because one friend was “making money off” the other. The person ending the friendship truly believed their anger was justified because they were doing all the work while their upline was the one making all the money.

Before you bring friends and family into your company know in advance how you will address the issue of being an upline and receiving compensation from your downline production and sales.

Here’s what I suggest:
1. First, as the upline, become familiar with your company’s compensation plan. This is important because you’ll be able to show and comfortably share with potential recruits how everyone has the ability to build a team so they too can become an “upline.”

2. Secondly, be prepared to explain that as their upline, you are their mentor. And, as their mentor, the company compensates you with a percentage earned by team members. After all, that’s the win-win part of network marketing and being an upline the more successful you train your team to become, the greater your compensation as their leader.

If your potential recruit does not understand the team-building concept, even after you have explained it, then they may not be the best fit for your business. Believe me, it is not worth losing a friend or dealing with hurt feelings if friends and family are reluctant to have you “make money off of them.”
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