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Building A Network Marketing Business Takes Time

Success in any business, including Network Marketing and Direct Sales, doesn’t happen overnight. If you think just because you’ve join a network marketing company that you’ll “get rich quick,” I’m here to tell you that you are wrong. When it comes to success, slow and steady wins every time.

Here are two pieces of tried and true advice to think about:

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1. It’s easy to get discouraged. As you begin your network marketing career expectations can run high. Often there is a sense of “urgency” associated with joining a network marketing company. At the business opportunity meetings the top producers share their stories of how their dreams came true and how you can do the same.

It sounds simple enough. Soon though, many new network marketers find that growing a business takes time, energy and a whole lot of effort. In the beginning, there is often more money and time flowing out than there is money and time flowing in and that can often create doubt and discouragement. When starting a new business and working for yourself, forming unrealistic expectations can become an unconscious way of setting yourself up for discouragement and disappointment.

Word of advice: Set your goals based on the time and energy you can realistically give to growing your business. Full time goals based on part time hours can lead to disappointment. Look at your goals and plans realistically and then, determine what you’ll be able to give in terms of time and effort toward making your plans reality.

2. It’s disheartening to keep comparing yourself to the “super achievers.” Going to the meetings and conventions can sometimes be a motivational double-edged sword. For many struggling network marketers, watching others receive the company awards and recognition can be motivating and disheartening all at the same time.

I remember starting out and watching a new network marketer who had joined six months earlier walk away with the top recognition and awards. I’d been with the company a couple of years and was just beginning to develop a growing team. As I looked at this person walk across the stage several times, I began doubting and wondering if I would ever achieve my goals.

Well, come to find out that she joined our company from another network marketing organization and brought an entire team with her. To my credit I stuck it out and continued to prospect and grow my business. My slow and steady approach paid off because couple of years later I had developed a strong foundation of customers and business builders.

By the way, the “super achiever” didn’t last with the company – she swooped in, made a big splash and left the next year.

Growing a moneymaking Network Marketing or Direct Sales business takes time. It also takes consistent effort and energy. Please remember this, you can work your business part time, you can work your business full time but you can’t work your business sometime and expect to make consistent money. Success takes time!
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