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Can You Recognize Poverty Consciousness

Do you know how to recognize poverty consciousness?

Poverty consciousness is the unconscious negative perception you may have about wealth, abundance and money.

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Some of these perceptions are locked so deep in your mind that they are often difficult to recognize.

1. When you think about having unlimited prosperity and wealth do you see yourself having fun?

2. While growing up, did parents and other role models say negative things about people who had money?

3. As a child were you told you should get a steady job that offered life-long security?

4. Growing up, was having enough money a struggle?
5. Do you set financial goals and then somehow never seen to achieve them?

6. Do you ever go on shopping and spending binges and then regret your actions?

7. Do you regularly save money for the future?

Let’s look at the results.

1. If you answered “no,” you’re denying yourself the pleasures of prosperity. Here’s something to think about: If growing up you listened to stories of family hardship and financial struggle – today it may be emotionally difficult to believe it’s all right to enjoy money, especially your money.

2. If you answered “yes,” your negativity surrounding making money may be more unconsciously powerful then you realize. Parents don’t consciously try to sow seeds of negativity; they’re only doing and saying what they grew up witnessing and hearing.

3. If you answered “yes,” you’re probably afraid to take risks and test your financial wings. If you don’t extend your wings and try to fly, how can you soar to greater heights?

4. If you answered “yes,” you’re probably still struggling with negativity from the past. The “struggling gene” can be passed down from generation to generation. Now is your opportunity to stop the struggling and cultivate the “success gene.”

5. If you answered “yes,” you may be setting yourself up for emotional disappointment. I have a feeling that if you answered, “yes” to this question, you may have a difficult time setting goals in other areas of your life too. Fear of the unknown can be paralyzing emotionally, physically and financially.

6. If you answered “yes,” you should look to see if you have a love/hate relationship with money and the pleasures money brings to you. Let me ask you this, could you be trying to prove to yourself that you’re right about fearing money and that you really can’t handle it wisely?

7. If you answered “no,” to this question, you’re picturing “saving” as negative and not a positive. If you were brought up believing that you had to save for a rainy day and rainy days usually meant a tragedy or emergency, then saving money may be conjuring up feelings of doom and gloom.

How did you do? Did you recognize any limiting poverty conscious behaviors? If you can relate to any of these limiting behaviors, you have the choice to change what isn’t working in your financial life.
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