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Stop Wishing and Start Achieving Your Goals - MasterMind

Women in business I’m excited to share the fun, supportive, business-building, goal achieving and confidence boosting MasterMind I’ve created beginning Monday September 25th. This MasterMind is designed to show you how you can set and achieve an “awesome” goal in three weeks.

Here is what you can accomplish during our 3 weeks together…
** You will be setting a realistic, yet awesome, three week goal.

** We’ll carefully break your goal into motivating and workable bite-sized pieces.

** I’ll show you how to use your time wisely to achieve this goal (even if you can only work 15 minutes a day).

** At the end of the three weeks, you’ll enjoy the self-satisfaction of accomplishing the goal you’ve set.

Stop Wishing and Start Achieving Your Goals
3 Week Online MasterMind Group
Monday September 25 – Saturday October 14, 2017

Here’s what you’ll experience in my brand new “Stop Wishing and Start Achieving Your Goals” MasterMind:

* Discover how to make quality time to consistently work your business.

* Discover how to make day-to-day progress by breaking goals into bite-sized pieces.

* Discover how to easily prioritize tasks to keep the important things important.

Goals help focus us on getting from where we are now to where we want to be in the future. Let’s make setting and achieving more fun and emotionally self-satisfying!

Here’s a link to read more and register:
Achieving Goals MasterMind


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