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Communicating with Greater Self-Confidence

Learn three powerful success how-tos for communicating with an inner confidence that will have you speaking effectively in any personal or professional situation. Communicating with self-confidence begins in your mind and heart.

Speaking with confidence begins with an inner knowing and belief – the unflinching belief that you are important and what you say is important, interesting and relevant.

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Here are three how-to’s for building even greater self-confidence in your desire and ability to communicate in any business or personal situation.

1. Believe, without a doubt, that what you have to say is relevant and important. Believe, without a doubt, that you are important! The confidence to express yourself begins on the inside, with a positive mindset. A self-confident mindset believes, without hesitation, that your voice is important.

Self-confidence eliminates the self-doubt that may have you believing that:
• You’re not important enough to be heard or to be taken seriously.
• That you should stay in the background and just listen.
• That you don’t know enough to sound interesting or intelligent.

Self-confidence means sticking out your hand in a firm handshake and looking the other person right in the eye when you introduce yourself and knowing, without hesitation, that you and your message is important.

2. Speak up in your own voice. Speak enthusiastically and confidently in your own voice. Don’t try to sound like someone you’re not – be yourself! People will know you, like you and trust you as soon as they hear the heartfelt message that you deliver. Your voice and words are important!

3. Genuinely speak from your heart. Communicating from the heart brings a sense of passion and personality to your conversations. Your passion for what you’re saying will unconsciously communicate how much you whole-heartedly believe that what you are saying is important and that’s why you are saying it. Speaking from the heart is not about shouting or yelling, it is about the heartfelt desire to express yourself honestly and openly.

The powerful how-to’s are simple: Remember to speak up, speak from your heart and in your own enthusiastic voice. When you do, you’ll be able to go anywhere and talk with anyone with the complete self-confidence that what you have to say is exciting and important. Communicating with greater self-confidence begins on the inside, in your mind and heart, and works its way out into you personal and professional life. Everyone has something important to communicate!
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  • Deborah February 4, 2014, 6:41 am

    It’s important to believe in yourself and your message. If you can’t convey that to others, you cannot be an effective communicator.

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