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Dawn Marie Carlson – Sponsor Spotlight – Dawn to Dusk Enterprises

Dawn to Dusk Enterprises
Guest Blogger and Sponsor Spotlight
Dawn Marie Carlson
Dawn to Dusk Enterprises

Has this ever happened to you?
You are the author and your job is to write your book, avoiding the marketing and sales portion of the publishing life cycle, after all, marketing is not your world. You dream your book will magically experience bestseller sales status–because it should, you are the author, right? I hear laughter, subtle, but I hear it. Perhaps you are writing now, and missing the pre-launch marketing cycle for your book. If you published your book a while ago, have you re-launched it? What? You are the author; your book can increase sales for your business, and build your brand with credibility.

How do you expect to have your book noticed, discovered, bought, and read without working on marketing, website optimization, social media marketing, publicity and p.r, ad campaigns, and special events?

You are the author; now let me help your book publishing business thrive by building a sturdy foundation for future success including those essential elements.

I am here to serve, to be your personal and full-service Business and Marketing Consultant for you, the author, from Dawn to Dusk, to be on your team, to develop, nurture, and grow your successful publishing business. I will educate you on the important features and help you develop your own marketing abilities to manage later. I am here for you!

Special offer for readers: They can email me at DawnMarieCarlson1@gmail.com and arrange a free thirty-minute business/marketing conference call.
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Dawn Marie Carlson
Guest Blogger – Spotlight Sponsor:
Dawn Marie Carlson
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Dawn to Dusk Enterprises

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