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Disorganized Office – Disorganized Business?

Here is what I’ve discovered about myself – when my desk is covered with papers, books, sticky notes and file folders, I’m disorganized personally and professionally.

I’ve found that the state of my desk is an unconscious reflection of how stressed or relaxed I am with my business. The more organized and clean my desk is, the more focused and organized I am with my business.

dosorganized desk

I did a little unscientific survey and discovered that I’m not the only business owner who feels her desk is a mirror reflecting either an organized or disorganized business. I spoke with a coaching client yesterday who said she felt she was going in three different directions at one time and by the way, she couldn’t find anything in her office because her desk was a mess.

I think I’ve stumbled upon a correlation between office disorganization and business disorganization.

Let me ask you this: How clean is your desk?
• Can you see the surface of your desk or is it covered with papers, books and “stuff.”
• Do you remember the last time you dusted all the cabinets, shelves and baseboards?
• Are your files and papers easy to find or, are they scattered in piles on your desk or on the floor?
• Is your appointment calendar up-to-date?
• When you walk into your office do you feel ready to do business or, do you feel you should start cleaning up a mess?
• When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned and organized your office?
• When you’re in your office, do you feel in control of your time, energy and business?

Here’s what I’ve decided to do:
The first weekend of every month, I clean and organize my office. So far, so good – I’ve been faithful to my monthly vow of cleanliness. The first Saturday or Sunday I bring out my Swiffer, a big garbage bag and the vacuum cleaner. I spend quality time in my office cleaning, filing and organizing.

Here’s how I organize:
1. I place papers, notes, receipts, etc. in the proper folders and file them in the “right” place. In my mind, the “right” place is where I will find that file quickly when I need it – file cabinet, shelf at the side of my desk, organizer on top of the file cabinet, etc.

2. I clean all the shelves of clutter and dust. As I’m dusting, I take a look at the books on the shelves to see if I’ll want to trade any in at the used book store or give some away to make room for new books.

3. I move the furniture out from the wall so I can dust and vacuum the baseboards and floor to eliminate any breeding “dust bunnies.”

4. I put all the office supplies back where they belong so I’ll find them again. As I’m doing that, I also inventory the supplies to see what I’m running low on and immediately place those supplies on my list to buy during the coming month. This makes sure I don’t run out of necessary supplies and also, helps me budget my money.

5. After everything is dusted, vacuumed and polished, I begin cleaning and organizing my computer. I eliminate old emails and place articles and posts I’ve written during the month into subject “folders.” I also clean the keyboard, mouse and screen.

Yes it takes a couple of hours to clean but to me, it’s worth it. My office is clean when I walk in and I feel organized and ready to do business.

Let me ask you these questions again:
• Is your office organized or disorganized?
• Is your business organized or disorganized?
• Do you see a correlation between an organized office and an organized business?

Please, leave us a comment and let us know what you do to keep your office organized.

Sharon Michaels
Author – Blogger – Coach to Women Entrepreneurs
Owner of WomenWhoWantToSuccessfullyWorkForThemselves.com
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