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Do You Keep A Journal Or Diary?

Have you ever kept a journal or a diary? Journaling can become a powerful form of communication between your outside world and your inside thoughts. Sometimes, we just need to make time to listen to the silence and write down what we discover.

brown journal with pen


Journals come in all shapes and forms. From the diary with the clasp and key to the family scrapbook – it’s all journaling.

Think of a journal or diary as documenting your hopes, dreams, thoughts, wishes and even your life story. It’s a treasure of your special thoughts and memories that only you can create.

A journal can be fancy and expensive or it can be homemade with handmade pages. It’s not so much how big or small or how fancy or plain, it’s what you decide to write that’s important.

Here are some ideas for journals/diaries –

A Stress Reduction Journal – Have you ever just wanted to clear away the cobwebs and clear your mind? Writing your thoughts on paper can be a great way to gain clarity and insight. Sometimes, you don’t even realize what’s stressing you until you begin writing. Scientists have proven that writing your thoughts on paper (journaling) can actually reduce stress. Try it, write out a stressful event and then explore all the feelings, thoughts and reactions to that event.

A Remembrance Scrapbook – Scrapbooking is another form of journaling. Scrapbooking has become so popular that you can probably find classes and stores right in your neighborhood. Scrapbooks include photographs, keepsakes, sayings and other important remembrances. Very often the pages include special thoughts and remembrances handwritten by you.

On Line Blogging – Many on-line blogs have become journals. You can write about whatever you’d like and the world can share thoughts, solutions and their ideas with you. This is a very modern and public form of journaling.

Goal Setting Journal – This is a very special type of journal. Here you can pull out all the stops and dream your loftiest dreams. Cut out the pictures of your goals and glue them on the pages, write your goals in detail, and give yourself unlimited options for achieving those goals. Write in your journal the positive steps you’ve taken to help make those goals reality. It becomes a record of your progress and your ability to take action. It’s a chronicle of your journey to where your goals will take you. You never know, it just may turn into a best selling book someday!

Here’s what journal/diary enthusiasts tell me are the benefits:
~ Reduces stress
~ Can become a keepsake for the family
~ Could possibly turn into a book
~ Helps you focus
~ Can get thoughts on paper for clarity
~ It’s a quiet time relaxing time for you

What do you think, is journaling a good idea?

Has anyone kept a journal or diary and would you like to share with us about journaling?

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  • Deborah January 10, 2014, 8:09 am

    I use a journal to track my goals. Set them weekly and then review how I did at the end of the week. It keeps me on track and lets me see what I’ve done well and what I’m putting off.

    • sharonmichaels January 10, 2014, 8:19 am

      A very wise thing to do – I’m sure it’s helping you achieve your goals more effectively.

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