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Do You Need to Write a Book?

The quick answer is no, you don’t need to write a book. Should you write a book? My answer is yes, if you intend to become an expert in your field and take your business to a new success level.

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Here are some of the benefits I’ve found for writing and publishing a well-written book in your area of expertise:

1. You are taken more seriously.

Being a published author can equate to instant credibility. Writing a book means that you know your subject matter and can express that knowledge to others. To your target market, the fact that you’ve written a book means that you know what you’re talking about. It’s a fact: People want to do business with an expert.

2. You are perceived as an expert in your field.
By making the time and effort to publish a well written book, you are perceived as an expert in your field. To your customers and target market, the fact that you are writing, publishing and selling a book in your field makes you an expert on that subject. Being able to educate and inform your target market is a powerful marketing tool.

3. Your book makes an impressive business card.
When you decide to promote your business through appearances on television or radio shows or speaking to groups and organizations, using your book becomes an invaluable way to gain the attention of the decision-makers. Even holding your book up at a networking event as you are delivering your 30 second infomercial can give you instant credibility.

4. You have developed an additional stream of passive income.
Placing your book on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, iTunes and other online venues can become a lucrative source of passive income. Think of passive income this way, write it once and get paid on it for as long as you keep marketing and selling your book.

5. Potential customers can find you more easily.

Having a book for sale on Amazon or Barnes and Noble is a quick way to be found on the top search engines. Having bloggers in your industry review and write about your book becomes free publicity and that too adds to your credibility.

I’ll admit that writing a book isn’t easy, but the rewards can most gratifying.

If you’ve been thinking about publishing a book, I’d say go for it. Make the time to plan out your book and begin writing today. Carve out quality time each day or each week to research and write in your area of expertise. Trust me when I say there is a tremendous sense of personal and professional pride when you hold your new book in your hand, see it listed for sale on Amazon.com and have royalty checks deposited in your bank account.

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