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Does Time Manage You?

Is there really such a thing as time management? Or do we actually learn, generally after much trial and error, to simply use our time more effectively? Maybe instead of talking about time management, we should be focusing our energy on better ways to use time more effectively and efficiently.

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One thing I stress to my coaching clients is developing a workable system for doing business so you’re in control of your time and your time isn’t controlling you. Believing day-to-day that you are in control of your time and energy is about learning how to think and work more effectively.

Whatever your business, you are in control of how you emotionally feel about whether you are or are not using time effectively.

During an average workday, I’d say our emotional feelings about how we are controlling time can generally be divided into three categories. We are either feeling:

1. We are getting ahead of our day-to-day tasks and “must-do’s.”
2. We are staying current with everything that needs to be done during the day.
3. Or, we are falling behind and not staying up with what needs to be completed.

Would you agree with me so far?

Let me ask you this:

  • Most workdays do you “feel” as if you are getting ahead, staying current or, falling behind?
  • During an average workweek, is there one “feeling” you have about how well you are using your time that seems to be predominate?
  • Generally, do you “feel” you’re in control of your time or is time controlling you?

Before you can gain control over how to best use your time, I believe you have to understand how you’re currently “feeling” about how effectively or ineffectively you’re using time. My suggestion is choose a typical workday and track how you are spending your work time hour-by-hour.

Not only do I suggest you track your time hour-by-hour, but also track how you’re feeling emotionally about how well you’re using your time. Those unconscious emotional feelings are just as important to working effectively as is writing your to-do lists or planning a schedule.

The emotional aspect of feeling in control of your time is vital to effectively making the most of your workday. Let me ask you again, do you control your time both physically and emotionally or does time seem to be in control of you?
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  • Tricia June 9, 2013, 10:18 am

    As usual, your blog is succinct and to the point with very relevant and helpful information for anyone!

    I suppose my biggest time vacuum is due to lack of direction and focus. I’m between too many different things and not accomplishing ONE particular goal. But, I’m in career transition and need to be patient with myself until I get the laser focus you possess!

    • Sharon Michaels June 10, 2013, 6:47 am

      My suggestion – pick one and give it your full attention. It’s hard to divide your time and attention.

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