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During the Holidays – How to Keep Visitors Reading Your Blog

We all know that on the Internet there is a fine line between sharing too much personal information and not sharing enough. As an entrepreneur, your target market wants to get to know you, like you and trust on both a personal and professional level. They want to see you in videos, hear you on audios and read your heart-felt posts and articles. Holidays and special occasions are the perfect time to connect with your target market and share common interests.

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Here are a few suggestions:

1. Share from your heart why certain holidays are important to you personally and professionally. Share with your target market how your business is affected by the seasons and the holidays. Share with your readers some of your favorite personal and professional holiday traditions, examples and suggestions. Make videos and take some pictures of how you enjoy the holidays and the different seasons. Example: Show in pictures or video how your business changes with the seasons. Maybe start decorating your blog for Halloween, Valentines Day, Summer, etc. or share some photos of you as a child making holiday cookies with your grandmother.

2. Play a “holiday” or seasonal game on your site. Have some fun while staying true to the purpose of your business. I read recently that people will do business and even purchase more if they are having fun. Example: Have a scavenger hunt that will encourage your visitors to find hidden “surprises” located within your posts. Finding the last item means they have won a prize – you can give away a free Special Report or product.

3. Encourage your readers to help others during the holiday season. Have a page dedicated to how others can help those less fortunate and then actually include links to various organizations. Example: Animal shelters, group homes, the elderly, etc. You can invite readers to leave comments about their favorite charities or organizations too.

4. Decorate your blog or website for the appropriate holiday or season. This takes a little extra work but changing your bog site as the seasons change can keep your readers coming back to view the latest look. You can change your logo or background to compliment the season, a special holiday or a cause. Example: You can even have a fun contest where you’ll highlight and feature a reader’s seasonal design or post.

Highlighting the various seasons and holidays is a great way to connect with your clients and customers in a fun and personal way. Connecting on a personal and professional level is also a powerful way to bond and create a sense of trust – it adds a “human” element to an often times impersonal Internet.
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