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Entrepreneurial Women – Not Making Money?

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Here’s what I think: Many entrepreneurial women aren’t making money because they’re not allowing themselves to succeed financially. It’s like having an emotional parking brake on and then wondering why you’re not able to move forward.
If you’re a woman entrepreneur who has been in business for a while and you still aren’t making money, take a look at what I think may be part of the reason. Remember, I’m addressing this from more of an internal and emotional point of view.

Here are my seven reasons you may be holding yourself back from true financial and entrepreneurial success:

1. Fear: It can be fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being judged, fear of doing something wrong, fear of not making money – the list can go on and on. When you’re fearful, you’re giving out a negative energy that can literally repel clients and customers.

2. Guilt: Over my years of coaching I’ve come to realize that many women are guilty about achieving success. Much of it has to do with feeling worthy and deserving of achieving success – believing you’ve earned the right to succeed.

3. Focus: Scattering your time and energy with too many “irons in the fire” can become a recipe for business failure. If you want to make money, then your time and effort has to be focused on specific moneymaking activities.

4. Consistency: You can work your business full time or part time but not sometime. Consistency is key to successfully running a moneymaking business. A financially successful entrepreneur works her business with a consistent plan of action.

5. Attitude: Success truth: A positive and empowering business-building entrepreneurial attitude will attract paying clients/customers to you and your business. People want to do business with someone who believes in and finds pleasure with what they are doing.

6. Energy: Successful entrepreneurs have an unstoppable energy for success. Successful women in business have a powerful emotional energy that attracts others to what they are offering. People are attracted to positive and enthusiastic energy – it’s like a magnet.

7. Knowledge: A moneymaking entrepreneur has honed her business-building skills. She has taken the classes, kept up with her industry, sought out coaches and mentors and made the commitment to continuing personal and professional self-education.

Here’s the moneymaking bottom line: If you’re not emotionally comfortable with being a financially successful business owner, you won’t make money. Is it time to take a good hard look at your emotional relationship with success?

Let me ask you this: Are you giving yourself permission to succeed as a happy and self-satisfied moneymaking entrepreneur?

If your business isn’t making money, what are you willing to change? You have the power to succeed as soon as you figure out what isn’t working and decide to change it into something more positive, enjoyable and profitable. I believe that success begins on the inside and works its way out!
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  • Tricia April 30, 2013, 7:55 am

    Oh My! Do I ever need this today! So timely! Thank you.

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