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Essential Oils Help You Stay Focused

We have a guest blog post from Cindy L. Gould, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Certified Animal Aromatherapist.

Let’s look at some essential oils that help you stay focused, revive that passion, put joy back into your day to help you move forward. You can add a couple of drops to a spray bottle filled with water and mist your office area. Add a drop or two to your daily affirmation.


Essential oils have the ability to access the subconscious mind, stir up memories and feelings, change our emotions and even make us smile. They can help us recall just by inhaling the essential oil associated with a thought or action. Once you pick your favorite essential oil that makes you smile and feel good, write down your goal and add a drop of that essential oil to the paper. Your subconscious mind will then associate that goal or affirmation every time you inhale that oil.

Here are just a few to start with:

Emotions and Energy Kit:
Our emotions can sometimes get the better of us, taking on a life of their own. They can keep us stuck in patterns that have served a lesson but no longer do. This energy needs to be gently released, allowing us to move forward on our journey so that we may claim and own all that is good in each of us. Includes: Courage Essential Oil Blend {5ml}, Dispel Poverty Essential Oil Blend {5ml}, Prosper Essential Oil Blend {5ml}, and Transform Essential Oil Blend {5ml}

Single Blends:
beCapable reminds us that we have, within ourselves, the ability to do whatever we set our minds to. beCapable blend helps to protect you within your own energy field. It is nurturing to the spirit and protective of the soul. This blend contains some of the highest frequency oils, allowing you to connect to spirit and continue down your chosen path with the guidance needed to arrive where you were meant to be.

beFree reminds us to “dream big” and go beyond our perceived limitations and fears to develop our full potential. A great Essential Oil blend for setting new goals and going beyond our perceived self-limitations. beFree helps us find the courage to take advantage of new ideas and opportunities that come our way. When we work to reach our full potential, you are in fact setting yourself free to be all that you can be.

bePrepared teaches you how to plan ahead and to love yourself enough to gather the goods, ideas and relationships that support you and your business. It helps you maintain the balance between gathering and giving which is essential to the flow of energy in your life. This blend will help connect you to the rhythms of the Earth and your body and you will know what you will need for the “lean times” when you will have to depend on your reserves.

Single Essential Oils:
A tonic for the mind and the emotions, Palmarosa is calming and at the same time uplifting, with the ability to clear muddled thinking. It encourages growth and enthusiasm. It helps us to be less judgmental and critical of ourselves and to love who we are.

Sweet Orange:
Represents the sunlight. It brings happiness and joy, conquers fears. Brings positive thoughts, self-confidence and creativity, newness. Helps us to have the determination needed to move forward. Very uplifting.

Lime oil is used for its fresh, energizing benefits. Historically known for its ability to cleanse, purify and renew the body, mind, and spirit.

Red Mandarin:
It invites us to play and nourish the child within and to not become overwhelmed by our problems; to live a calm and simple life, and to look at everything through the innocent eyes of a child. It encourages, lifts us up and inspires.

Its sharp, pungent, slightly citrus-like scent excites the senses. Its warming and energizing qualities are good to use for loneliness and depression. It offer courage and valor, optimism and assurance. Gives us a sense of being and reminds us to carry on. Assists with new changes we may be making in our life, without worry so we can soar high.

These are just few essential oils and how they can assist the mind and emotions. I encourage you to give any of them a try. If you would like to see more blends or singles, I invite you to visit http://www.oilsofangels.com All our formulations are created by French Medical Aromatherapist Alexandria Brighton. Please email me if you have any questions or comments.
© Copyright 2016 Cindy L. Gould – All Rights Reserved
Cindy L Gould

Guest Blogger:
Cindy L. Gould CCA, CAA
Sacred Earth Aromatics.com

I have been working with herbs and essential oils for well over 25 years. I love teaching others how to incorporate herbs and essential oils into their lives, make their own safe products and blend for success.

I am a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Certified Animal Aromatherapist – http://www.sacredeartharomatics.com

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