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Favorite Money Making Posts

I’ve many posts about money and making money. Here are a few of my favorites…

Entrepreneurial Women – Not Making Money?

Here’s what I think: Many entrepreneurial women aren’t making money because they’re not allowing themselves to succeed financially. It’s like having an emotional parking brake on and then wondering why you’re not able to move forward.

If you’re a woman entrepreneur who has been in business for a while and you still aren’t making money, take a look at what I think may be part of the reason. Remember, I’m addressing this from more of an internal and emotional point of view.

Here are my seven reasons you may be holding yourself back from true financial and entrepreneurial success:
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woman talking on phoneThe Mindset of a Money Making Entrepreneur

In my opinion, a huge part of becoming and staying a money making entrepreneur begins in your mind and works its way out into your business. Financially successful entrepreneurs think in terms of how many ways will and can I make my financial goals a reality.

Here are five “everyday” ways to develop the mindset of a money making entrepreneur:
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The Mindset of a Money Making Entrepreneur


happy woman at her computer5 Five Minute Money Making Activities

Focusing time and effort on activities that will make you money, can often make the difference between succeeding in business and abandoning your dreams. Quite honestly, if a business is not making money, it cannot sustain itself as an ongoing business. If after a number of months, or years, your business is not profitable, then it is probably more of a hobby than a business.

Here are 5 five minute moneymaking activities that when done consistently, can have you smiling all the way to the bank:
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5 Five Minute Money Making Activities


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