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Fine-Tuning Your Positive Money Mindset

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Women in business, join coach and mentor Sharon Michaels as she explains the difference between a wealthy mindset and a mindset that focuses on lack of money. Start out your year with a positive moneymaking mindset that will have you taking the positive actions necessary to create and enjoy abundance and wealth. It’s all about Women Enjoying Success!

Have pen and paper handy – you’ll want to make notes and jot down some “aha’s.”

Be sure to turn up your speakers!

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1. Recognize money is about abundance.
2. Giving to others, reinforces the concept of abundance.
3. Be happy for those who are successful and prosperous.
4. Be optimistic about wealth.
5. Be willing to come out of your moneymaking comfort zone.
6. Take smart moneymaking action.
7. Believe, without a doubt, you deserve to be prosperous!
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