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Focusing on Strengths – Focusing on Positives

I’ve been speaking, writing and working one-on-one with women in business for over twenty-five years. I’ve seen trends come and go. I’ve witnessed many changes in the workplace. I’ve observed more and more women step into roles exclusively held by men. It’s been an empowering and eventful twenty-five plus years.

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With all the inroads and strides forward, I’ve observed the one thing that generally seems to have remained unchanged. Our tendency as women is not to fully appreciate and embrace our strengths and talents.
Here’s what I mean:
1. Not going for a job, sale or promotion because you’re sure you aren’t qualified.
2. Living down to someone else’s expectation of you and your talents.
3. Not thinking big or bold enough about the future.
4. Worrying others will judge you as pushy, bossy or aggressive and not speaking up for what you want.
5. Settling for less because you don’t feel you deserve better or you’re not worthy of more.
6. Saying negative things to yourself about yourself.
7. Believing you’re not deserving enough to go for your hopes, dreams and goals.

In my new Kindle Focusing on the Positive available now on Amazon.com, I mention a self-confidence study conducted with men and women. A part of the study involved each person describing themselves to someone they had never met. The key was that they were doing this over the telephone and the other person could not see them.

Here are the results – The majority of men described themselves based on their accomplishments, career achievements and hobbies. The majority of women described themselves based on their physical looks, the flaws they found in themselves (especially their appearance) and how they served others.

Generally, what does that say about how we women see ourselves? Do we base the confidence we have in ourselves on appearance and flaws or strengths and accomplishments?

Let me ask you this: Within the next two minutes, can you list ten of your greatest professional strengths. Don’t ask or consult with anyone. Sit down and list ten strengths in two minutes.

How did you do? Did listing your strengths come easily? Did you experience a twinge of self-doubt?

Let me share what I do when I begin to doubt my strengths:
1. I make quiet time to write out a few past accomplishments for which I am proud.
2. I ask myself why these accomplishments are important to me.
3. I ask myself to remember the feeling of pride I experienced.
4. I ask myself if I made time to truly appreciate the accomplishments or did I sweep them under the rug?
5. I ask myself to appreciate them now and be grateful the strength it took to achieve them.

Here’s something I’ve discovered during my personal and professional journey over the past years: If I do not make the time to appreciate my successes as they occur, I tend to forget about them. I downplay them like they are no big deal. I began taking my strengths and my successes for granted.

Here are a five positive things you can do today to enhance your strengths and focus on your positive future.

1. Write a “reasonable” goal you’d like to achieve within the next thirty days.
2. Write all the talents and strengths you have right now that will support you in achieving this goal.
3. Write a “doable” plan of action to support achieving this goal.
4. Write an affirmation you can repeat to yourself throughout the day for the next thirty days. Make sure this affirmation enhances your strengths and encourages a positive mindset.
5. Write out exactly how you’ll feel celebrating your goal becoming reality.

Here’s my challenge to you: Everyday focus on your strengths and affirm the positives! Believe without a doubt you have the power to create great things in your life.
Please, share your thoughts and comments with us. We’d love to hear from you.
Go for your goals and rely on your strengths,

Sharon Michaels
Author – Blogger – Coach to Women Entrepreneurs
Owner of WomenWhoWantToSuccessfullyWorkForThemselves.com
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