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Getting “Unstuck” Coaching

Getting “Unstuck” and Going Successfully Forward
Customized Coaching Package

get unstuck coaching

  • Are you feeling discouraged, disillusioned or disappointed with yourself and your business success?
  • Are you looking to consistently go forward in empowering and positive ways?
  • Are you ready to give yourself permission to make the money you know you deserve?
  • Are you ready to stop the frustration of taking three steps forward and two steps back in your business?
  • Could you be unconsciously and unknowingly undermining your personal and professional success?

It’s natural to occasionally feel “stuck” emotionally and professionally in business. When that happens, business can slow down to a crawl. When business slows down we can begin to doubt ourselves, our abilities and even our right to be doing business. Before we know it, we are unconsciously tapping into old tapes of self-doubt and discouragement. It’s like we can’t figure out what we are doing wrong or even what we’re doing right.

If you can relate, let me ask you this – would you like to…
* Be more consistent working and growing your business?
* Stop the self-limiting habits and behaviors that seem to be holding you back?
* Feel more deserving of achieving the successes you truly want?
* Wake up every morning confident in yourself and your ability to succeed?

Sharon has been speaking, writing and coaching women in business for over twenty-five years on how to recognize and eliminate the self-doubt and self-limiting habits and behaviors that put an unconscious ceiling on success, prosperity and happiness.

“I believe one of my greatest accomplishments is overcoming self-limiting and self-sabotaging behaviors. I’m on a mission to share with you the “aha’s” and insights I have discovered.” Sharon Michaels

Here’s what to expect during your one-on-one coaching package:
1. Assess where you are now, what you want for the future and how you can make your professional goals reality.

2. Take the “Are You Making Success a Struggle” quiz and analyze the results with Sharon.

3. Find the “something” that may be keeping you stuck.

4. Identify, unlock and tap into your powerful inner motivators to keep going forward day-to-day, month-to-month and year-to-year.

5. Discover unconscious self-limiting “triggers” you’re doing, saying, thinking or believing that may be holding you back.

6. Fine-tune your ability to focus on keeping the important things important in your life and business.

7. Recognize the unconscious “fear” you may have about achieving goals.

8. Find the emotional balance to go forward and enjoy success, happiness and prosperity.

9. Create a weekly schedule and system to stay on track and keep your business going consistently forward.

10. Communicate with Sharon weekly via phone. You can communicate daily if necessary via email and/or private Facebook page. Get your questions answered quickly.

Once you feel your business is in momentum, Sharon will interview you on her Entrepreneurial Women Radio show and post your interview on iTunes and her Women Who Want To Successfully Work For Themselves blog.

Sharon teaches women in business how to create and enjoy success and prosperity.
She is the author of the paperback and Kindle How to Give Yourself the POWER to Succeed and the creator of numerous empowering workshops and MasterMind programs for women in business.

It’s time to give yourself the POWER to enjoy your successes!!!

If you are serious about getting unstuck and going successfully forward, let’s schedule a free phone consultation and discuss how we can work together. Together, we will determine the best coaching package for your professional goals.

Don’t shy away from coaching – Sharon will customize and personalize a coaching package to fit your goals, time and budget.

You may email Sharon directly to schedule your free consultation or ask questions at coaching@sharonmichaels.com
Sharon will make sure to reply within 48 hours.

OR, Use the “Contact Sharon” form on this blog to schedule a free consultation or ask questions. Sharon will be in touch within 48 hours.
Here’s a link to the Contact Contact Sharon Form

There is no obligation for the free consultation or making an inquiry.