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Give Yourself Some Power

Many years ago I had an “aha.” I realized that I have the power to control my successes.

This realization came after I had spent most of my adult life trying to figure out why it seemed that everything I touched turned sour. Here are a few “aha’s” I have discovered over the years.

After yanking the rug of success out from under myself more than a few times, I started studying how I could begin to achieve lasting success. I discovered a few interesting things:
1. I discovered that we all hold the power to create or destroy our own successes.

2. I also discovered that too many of us choose to unconsciously undermine success.

3. I knew I wanted to focus on the positives of success and become more self-empowered.

Here is what I learned: The power of empowerment begins with healthy self-esteem.

words have power

Self-esteem is the very core of your personality. It is the belief you have about yourself as a capable, worthy and deserving person. Without healthy self-esteem, your ability to function positively and productively is greatly impaired. Healthy self-esteem enables you to achieve goals, it energizes and motivates you toward success, enhances your self-confidence and enables you to come out of your comfort zone.

Self-esteem gives you the inner confidence to cope with life’s challenges. The healthier your self-esteem, the more you believe in your right to be happy, successful and prosperous. Healthy self-esteem gives you the strength to cope with set backs and allows you to make decisions from a position of power and strength. The more confidence you have in your ability to succeed, the more likely you are to persevere in the face of adversity. Healthy self-esteem allows you control your successes.

Here are a few words of wisdom I’ve learned about enhancing self-esteem:

Choose your friends wisely. A true friend is encouraging, empowering and respectful.
Surround yourself with positive emotional, spiritual and physical influences.
Place yourself in situations that will build and foster healthy self-esteem. Attend self-development seminars, read/listen to empowering materials and network with other successful and empowered women.

The power of empowerment is more than positive thinking – it is a lifestyle. I’ve discovered that success is a matter of choice, not chance. I now consciously begin each morning with an unstoppable excitement to learn, grow and succeed. You too can choose to nurture your healthy self-esteem. Begin to seize your power to succeed – vow to thrive in life, not just survive!
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Sharon Michaels
Author – Blogger – Coach to Women Entrepreneurs, Women Writers and Women Authors
Owner of WomenWhoWantToSuccessfullyWorkForThemselves.com
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