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Guest Author Guidelines

Guest Author Guidelines


image of two hands typing on a lap topThank you for considering to be a guest author on the “Women Who Want To Work Successfully For Themselves” Blog.

This blog is dedicated to being the place where women entrepreneurs can find answers to their business-building questions.
Here are the Guest Author Guidelines:

1. Write an “original” 200-400 word article (minimum 200 words) that is relevant to goal setting and achieving in one of the following categories:

Business Facts and Tips

Business Mindset

Basics of Business


Resources and Reviews

Success Stories

Personal Development


Network Marketing

Time Management


Social Media


Writing and Publishing

Other relevant topics and subjects.


2. Write an author resource box of between 70 –100 words. It can contain one-two “live” links to your own website or blog.

3. You retain the copyright to your article giving us permission to use the article in this blog or future publications as long as we give you full credit and recognition.

4. I know this goes without saying  – but . . . No porn or questionable topics. Everything must be written for a “G” rated audience.

5. Content is Queen! Content should come first. The article should not contain PLR, an infomercial or spam. You are sharing your expertise with others.

6. You will not be paid for your article but will receive recognition and publicity.

7. No pop-up, pop-under or pop-over ads will be allowed.

8. All articles must be original and have not been published anywhere else on the Internet. By submitting your article for consideration, you are certifying that you own the copyright and all the material is original to you, the author. This is important to retain Google and other search engine rankings.

9. All articles must be ready for publication – grammatically correct, spell checked and proof read.

If you have questions or are ready to submit your article, contact Sharon from the “Contact Sharon” form. You’ll find the link in the upper tool bar.

Sharon Michaels
Thank you,
Sharon Michaels