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Have You Ever Gotten Discouraged?

I’m reluctant to say this in a blog post, but there are times as you’re working toward achieving your goals that you may begin to feel discouraged or defeated. Yes it happens, doubt and disappointment can begin to creep into your heart and mind and the positive expectations about the future seem to turn negative.

Feeling discouraged time to time as you’re working toward achieving your goals is normal. We’ve all been there – that place where we’re feeling tired, discourage and doubtful.

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Here’s what I believe: The road to goal achievement gets bumpier the closer you get to making goals reality. It’s true; the obstacles along the road to success seem to become larger and more daunting the closer you are to achieving your goals.

Why? I think it’s because if you’ve been working on achieving your goal for a while, you are probably becoming mentally and physically tired. I’m sure you know from other life experiences that as you become more and more physically and mentally exhausted, things can seem more daunting than they truly are.
What can you do to turn potential discouragement into renewed encouragement?

1. Become aware of your self-talk.
What you’re consciously and unconsciously saying to yourself can affect your mood and energy level. Are you saying positive things about achieving your goals or, are you saying negative things that feed doubt and discouragement?

2. Find a supportive group of achievers.
There’s a saying that “birds of a feather flock together.” Are you “flocking” with positive and encouraging people? Achievers associate with achievers.

3. Focus on your mission statement and your “why.”
If you’ve read and worked my book 21 Days to Living Your Dreams, you’ve written your Mission Statement and know what motivates you to achieve. My suggestion is to go back and revisit both of these. It’s important to focus on the benefits you’ll receive once your goals are reality. Remind yourself of the physical, financial and emotional payoff you’ll enjoy once you’ve achieved your goals.

4. Take a break.
It’s alright to step back and breathe in fresh air. Take a mini-vacation from your goals. The key word is “mini.” Step back and take a break but don’t stay away so long that you’re losing interest in or abandoning your goals.

5. Hire a coach.
It’s worth spending the money if you feel you’re losing focus and motivation when it comes to achieving your goals. A few sessions with someone who can see the whole picture from a professional perspective can potentially save you time, energy and money in the long run.

It’s normal to feel tired and even a bit discouraged now and then, but don’t give up on making your dreams come true. My advice is to step back and be realistic about the obstacles that can occur as you’re going forward. Remember that it takes time, energy and persistence to make any worthwhile goal reality.
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