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Have You Found Your Passion to Succeed?

Wouldn’t you agree that success means having an unstoppable passion for fulfilling your life’s purpose? Having an unstoppable passion for your life’s purpose means believing that what you are doing with your life has significance and meaning.

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Let me ask you a few straightforward questions about your level of passion and desire to succeed. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being “absolutely yes,” rate each question:

• Do you truly want to succeed at your current business or career choice?
• Do you have the passion to do what it takes to keep going forward even if the going gets tough?
• Do you have the willpower to overcome setbacks and obstacles?
Wishing something to happen and actually making it a reality are two different things. Wishing is declaring what you’d like to happen while the other involves putting your declaration into action and completing the task. The more committed you are to your passion to succeed; the more likely you’ll achieve success.

• Are you passionate about your current goals?
• Do you know what you want to achieve in life?
• Are your goals, your goals and not the hopes or dreams of someone else?

The bottom line: Passion enables success. What tools are you using to ignite your passion to succeed?

• Are you setting empowering goals?
• Are you using affirmations?
• Are you using meditation or visualization?
• Are you using a vision board or dream board?
• Do you belong to a Mastermind group?
• Are you part of an accountability group?
• Should you be working with a coach or mentor?

It’s up to you to embrace your passion and find the inspiration to not give up before you achieve your goals. Here’s my suggestion: Make some quiet time to answer the above questions and then carefully pay attention to the answers with both your heart and your head.
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  • Marilyn sarno January 15, 2014, 2:42 pm

    Thanks Sharon. I am currently working all listed questions. Many times I am out of my comfort zone, still in in the learning curve with Apriori new consultant while working FT job But I know I will reach those goals. I’ve done it before but the dreams are bigger. These new challenges make my life exciting .

    • sharonmichaels January 15, 2014, 2:53 pm


      Coming out of our comfort zone keeps us young!!!
      Keep learning and growing and before you know it, your goals are reality.


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